1000 True Fans – New Subscriber Email Sequence

One of the things that ALL indie authors need to truly master is the fine art of building a mailing list. I’ve got one for my newsletter, but I am a LONG way away from “mastering it”. In fact, I kind of suck at it, but I am going to have to learn how, one of these days.

Let me just procrastinate on that for awhile.

While I sit here and fart around, why don’t you take a look at how author Joynell Schultz is tackling this problem for her own self?

Joynell Schultz

operation_ (18)

Moving forward in this 1000 “True” Fan blog series, I’ll be focusing on converting mailing list subscribers into TRUE Fans. I’m changing the formats of these posts to be a bigger project each month, rather than lots of little ones.

May’s focus is creating a mailing list subscriber sequence.

The other day, I had a brilliant epiphany. I know, the information is out there in magical internet-land, but for some reason I was missing the BIG PICTURE.

Your mailing list serves MULTIPLE purposes, and you need to leverage it to meet the intended purpose.

First, it’s a great way to communicate with your fans. Keep them entertained, let them know about new releases, and to interact. (This was what purpose I had saw in my mailing list up to his point.)

BUT, it has a few more purposes too.

  1. Gathering a list of active readers and informing them of who…

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