I am a storyteller.

I am a writer.

Words are what I work with – whether spoken or written.


A fourth collection – a follow up to HAUNTED HARBOURS – is due out in the fall of 2011.

I have also released a children’s picture book MARITIME MONSTERS.

I have recently released my very first Young Adult novel, SINKING DEEPER.

I have a cat named Kismet who ignores me. I have a beautiful wife named Belinda. I have a backyard full of blue jays, crows, the occasional chipmunk, and dandilions galore.

My Mom thinks I’m pretty cool too – or at least she tells me that.

Have a look through the blog and you’ll find out if mom is lying or not.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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  1. Dear Mr.Steve Vernon

    Thank you for coming to our Silver Birch celebration. It was really nice to meet you as well as all the other authors there. Your speech was definitely interesting. I’ve heard good things about your book “Sinking Deeper”, although I never got a change to read it this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to read it another time. Keep writing!!!!!

    Madison,Grade 6 student, Carruthers Creek P.S.


    • Hello Madison. I met an awful lot of really cool students this year at Silver Birch. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my speech.

      I hope you do get a chance to read my book SINKING DEEPER. I believe you’ll like it. You should be able to eventually read it from your library, or it is available through Kobo – which can be read on a Kobo e-reader or your own computer or even on a smart phone or an i-pad.

      I intend to keep writing. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.


  2. Steve, thanks for following me at Tales of Adversego. And I totally agree with you on book cover design. If you’re only going to spend money on two things for a book, it should be cover design (and proof reading).



    • Hey Andy. You’re absolutely right. A good cover sells your book.

      I agree with you on the proof-reading as well – although, honestly, I still can’t afford to hire a good proof-reader. I need one – badly – but bills come first.


  3. Hi Steve, thanks for finding and following my blog! SD


  4. Hi Steve,

    I work at the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre in South Maitland (an hour-ish out of Halifax). If you live in Nova Scotia, we’d love to get in contact with you to arrange a possible spooky story book reading at a camp fire sometime this summer. It would be an open public type event. Let us know if you’d be interested. Your Haunted Harbours book sounds so interesting!

    Thanks! Aurora


  5. Have you tried traditional publishing? If I may, are you successful with self-publishing your work?


    • I have seven books published by a local publisher that continue to sell well in bookstores across North America. I am what you call a hybrid author in that I sell my work traditionally through a publisher as well as independently. Besides that I have also had work published through a number of small press publishers.

      In other words, I like to keep busy.


      • I have just queried 9 agents for a novel that I am almost done with. I pray it gets requested and I get signed. I would love to be a hybrid author, but I don’t know where to start. What frustrated me in a way while searching for agents, is that they have ” African American” in a genre on it’s own. My book is a thriller, but I am an African American woman. Only 5 agents said they worked with African American genre. I don’t know what makes that a genre. But, I tried anyway.


    • I didn’t set out to become a hybrid author – it just worked out that way. As for an agent – back when I was strictly traditional I found that it was harder to find an agent than a publisher.

      The one thing that agents and publishers have in common is they reject more often than they accept new writers. My advice is to finish the first book and then get to work on a second book, whether it is a sequel to the first book or just a plain old-fashioned second novel. Sooner or later if you connect with an agent or a publisher the first thing they will ask is “What else have you written?”.

      I’m a little puzzled that they’d refer to your book as “African American”. Is the protagonist in your novel African American?


      • For this novel yes. But it was in general, they didn’t ask. It was in their guidelines. I have written 8 books that are self-published through me. This book I am writing now, I want to try and get picked up with it. Well see.


  6. Thank you for the follow, Steve. I’ve been browsing your blog and I love your writing style. Consider that follow returned.


  7. Thank you for the likes and for following my blog, Written in Blood. I have since returned the gesture and have also added you to my blogroll. Happy blogging!


  8. Hi Steve as honoured as I am by the follow I noticed you had liked my guest Paul Curran post If we were having coffee, I am wondering if it was him that you wished to follow. He does not have a blog of his own but does a regular weekend post on my blog and also guests on other blogs too. I also did a If we were having coffee post on Gen’O and Diana’s big share. My style and opinions are different to Paul’s. I write poetry and stories mostly. I am, though very pleased to meet you. xx


    • Aha! I missed that detail. Honestly, I was just following all of the folks who were taking part this week in the IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE BLOG-SHARE – but I don’t really see any need to me to “take back” my follow. I took a look at the rest of your blog and I see some fine poetry and there is nothing wrong with that. So, unless I smell funny – which I sometimes do – how about if I just keep that follow and call it a day?



      • Well that would be lovely you are most welcome. I just did not want to take any credit from Paul. The smell Naw! Its sweat . Welcome you are always welcome. 😉 xx


  9. laurachurchillduke

    Steve, We are trying to reach you about coming to Acadia to give a talk in October about your historical ghost stories. What is the best way to reach you? You can reach me at info@valleyfamilyfun.ca


  10. Happy to discover and follow your blog
    ps: invite you to visit mine too


  11. Maritime ghost stories might be the only ghost stories I’m prepared to read! As I’m sure we must be related somewhere along the line, maritime themes seem very appropriate as one of our forbears is Admiral Edward Vernon of ‘Old Grog’ and Portobello fame. Or have we had this discussion before?! I think we’ve been following each other o Twitter for a while.
    Sarah Vernon


  12. Michelle Wadden

    Hello Steve, I saw you speak at the ATENS conference back in October, but misplaced your card. I have a few requests for your card, but accidentally misplaced it, Can you forward me your contact information?

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Steve, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! for your generous help in my first effort at producing and publishing an e-book. This is so exciting, and you were so patient and helpful. I’ve been a successful freelancer for many, many years, but this is a new arena for me and you’ve made it seem so easy. Thank you!


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