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Do You Give Your Book Away?

Because I like to sell my books widely – through Kobo, Nook, Smashwords and other venues BESIDES Kindle – I don’t have the option of setting up a free giveaway.

I know there are book giveaway services, but I don’t have all that much incentive to use them more than I do.

But, I thought that you folks out there might be interested in how one author does it – so give this article a read.

Joynell Schultz

Do You Give Your Book

My writing goal has always been to get people to read my books. Pretty simple, eh?

Those of you who’ve been following my journey (or are published authors yourself) know it isn’t that easy. One of the things I’ve been tossing around is giving away my full-length novels for free.

I already give away short stories as subscriber magnets for my newsletter…but how about an entire book? Will this help me in the long run? Especially when I only have two books available for sale at the moment?

Despite the cautions from others that this devalues my work and it only makes sense if you more books in the series, I decided to do it anyway. Why? Because I want to know. Don’t you?

So, I did some experiments with my FREE days through my Kindle Contract. (For those of you who don’t know what this is, if you…

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Welcoming New Voices and Stories to ACX

Like I said yesterday, ACX is looking for Canadian and Irish authors and narrators. I don’t have the technical know-how to set up a sound studio of my own – but I am REALLY eager to get some of my work out there available in audiobook format.

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

ACX is excited to welcome new voices and stories onto our revolutionary audiobook creation platform. Starting today, Canadian and Irish Rights Holders and Producers can list their audio samples and audiobook projects for auditions in the ACX marketplace. To date, authors, publishers, studios, and narrators in the US and UK have produced over 80,000 audiobooks using ACX, and we can’t wait to hear what audiobooks you make next. We’d especially like to thank you for the opportunity to help create audiobooks around the world and support the creative community.

Are you looking for a Canadian or Irish voice? Listen to samples. Ready to show off your accents? Update your samples.

Visit to get started!

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ACX Success Story: Falling Into You – Part 1

Over the last couple of weeks I have been exploring the world of audiobooks, thanks to the folks at ACX – who recently opened their gates to Canadian authors. I’ve got at least four of my books currently in production as audio books and I intend to pursue this avenue further.

How many of you folks listen to audiobooks?

How many of you writer-types have audiobooks of your own?

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

We’ve got something special for this edition of ACX Success Stories. Author Jasinda Wilder, narrator Piper Goodeve, and engineer Pete Rohan are here to share the story of how ACX brought them together to produce the audiobook of Jasinda’s wildly successful “Falling Into You.” The origins of this unique partnership stretch as far back as the launch of ACX in 2011.

Engineer Pete Rohan:

I was working at Audible as an audio engineer when they announced the launch of ACX with great fanfare.  There was a big company meeting were they presented the new site.  I was immediately intrigued with the opportunity to produce audiobooks from home.

Piper ACX Narrator Piper Goodeve

Narrator Piper Goodeve:

I was recording a series at Audible, with Pete as my engineer, in the spring of 2011. We hit it off really well and had a great time on those books…

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The Stranger In The Woods – A Book Review



I grew up in the woods in Northern Ontario. I was a young fellow being raised by my grandparents and I spent an awful lot of time where I was basically hiding out in the woods. I found a kind of peace out there in amongst the rocks and the trees – so I have always had a kind of fascination for this whole “hermit” scenario.

Like the author, Michael Finkel, my actual experience with true solitude were highly limited – but nevertheless a part of me always wondered what it would really be like.

So I picked this book thinking that I would find the hint of an answer in its story – but, like so many things in life, answers are as hard to find as true solitude.

I chewed through this book, fascinated by the story that it told. I read it in about two days flat. I just wanted to get to the end and see how things turned out.

There are still a lot of things I don’t know about this story that I just read, but that doesn’t bother me. When you are talking about other people you are ALWAYS going to be on the outside looking in, so the fact that Finkel is only guessing at the true nature of the hermit makes perfect sense to me.

This is one of those books that begs to be reread and I expect to read it a few more times.

That, to me, is the mark of a good book – one that demands and expects to be reread.

Still, I will warn you unwary readers that you ought not to go into this book expecting to come out with the complete life story of the hermit. You won’t get any sort of “Well I was born and grew up and then some mystical voice spoke to me…”

This isn’t that kind of a book.

This is more akin to a book of cryptozoology. Finkel shows the reader a few blurry snapshots of his “sasquatch”, the hermit.

We are left with a dim impression of what makes this hermit tick – and that’s how it should be. We really aren’t supposed to come away from a book like this knowing exactly how this fellow thinks. He is a mystery without any sort of possible solution in sight.

I enjoyed this book.

I’d recommend it highly – but not for impatient folks who are looking for spoon-fed wisdom. This is a book that will make you think.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


On the other hand I do really want to have a look at TRUE STORY, a 2015 movie based on the true story of a killer who stole Michael Finkel’s identity. I think it’s on Netflix. I’ve got to go and have me a hunt.