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Surviving a Shoot-out in a Car…

Okay, so we’ve seen Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood do this about a billion times – but have you ever wondered HOW they survive an automotive shoot-out?

Something for all of you action writers.

Read this blog entry on how to survive a shoot-out in a car!


And if you AREN’T following Fiona Quinn’s ThrillWriting for more action tips like this one – what the heck is wrong with you???



Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Your mom can buy just so many books. Here’s how to outmarket the competition.

How to stand out from the crowd?

Unless you’re already Suzanne Collins, J. K. Rowling, or Stephen King, you need readers to find out who you are and what you write, so your books sell.

Your mom can afford just so many copies.

By the same token, although authors are the best ambassadors for their own works, publishers also must market themselves and their books. This is not only how to sell books, but also get more submissions from great authors.

Small to medium presses close every year, not only because they and their authors fail to promote books well, but also for want of overall marketing plans and brand recognition.

For this discussion, we also need to define what a publisher is. Almost any website is a publisher, and so is almost any business with a blog, or who produces other marketing materials.

Even if you, as an author, have a publisher who…

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Chuck Wendig – “You Can Write At Any Age”

Something for you writer-types out there.
I’ve been writing for over forty years. These days I find it a little tougher to string the words together. It is harder to find the time and harder to keep up momentum – but I am not done, not by a long shot.
Age is nothing more than a single billboard poked up along the Trans-Canada Highway.
The way that I see it, the older you get the more you have to write about. The more you want to see your words nailed down in print. The more you ought to do it now.
Yours in Storytelling,
Steve Vernon

Rakuten Kobo snaps up Shelfie book-bundling service

Kobo grows again.

Remember when book-bundling service Shelfie shut down in January, and Kobo stepped in to continue providing access to Shelfie ebooks until the end of February? At the time, I wondered if that might be a precursor to Kobo snapping up Shelfie as it had snapped up the assets of a number of other defunct ebook store operations (including those of Sony, Blinkbox, Flipkart, Waterstones, and Sainsbury’s). Now, as it turns out, the answer is yes.

Publishing Perspectives and The Digital Reader, among others, report that Kobo and Shelfie have officially tied the knot. Kobo will be incorporating Shelfie’s paper-and-ebook bundling and collaborative-filtering recommender technology into its own services, and also hiring on Shelfie’s current staff. It’s not clear whether that includes co-founder and CEO Peter Hudson, though I’ve emailed him to ask about that. But I wouldn’t be surprised—Hudson is extremely knowledgeable about the ebook sales…

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Hidden in the Dark

Alyson Larrabee: Enter If You Dare

Amazon chose my third novel, Hidden in the Dark, for publication. Thanks to everyone who nominated it during my 30 day Kindlescout “Campaign”. It will be available in ebook form soon. I still own the print rights and a print edition will be ready eventually, so stay tuned.

Kindlescout has been a fascinating experience. I’ve been a teacher and am now an author, never a business owner. I’ve never studied the academic subjects of business, advertising or marketing and this is interesting, and, I believe, unique.

Here’s how the whole thing worked: I submitted my never before published manuscript and filled out a form with a blurb, a tagline, an uploaded book cover image and a ton of other stuff. I also got to choose up to three genres. My book would appear, on the Kindlescout website in each designated genre area, so it would’ve been best to choose three genres. I…

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