My e-books…

I have tried to sit down and put together a page to show you each of my e-books and to give you an idea what they are about and where you can find them – but I have released over thirty e-books through Kindle and Kobo not counting the seven or so traditionally published books – and I just do not have the talent or skill to artfully arrange all of those many e-books.


If you enjoy  reading these blog entries why don’t you pick up one of my e-books?

Steve Vernon on Kindle!

Steve Vernon on Kobo!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

3 responses to “My e-books…

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  2. Dear Steve Vernon:


    I don’t know how Kindle Scout picks its books, but I know a lot of good ones don’t get selected. I don’t know that they care about the number of votes, either. The one thing I can say is that by having people vote, they gather a pool of readers who are interested in the book, after having read the excerpt, to give advance copies to, to hopefully post 4 and 5 star reviews. Since you will be able to send a paragraph to those voters if you aren’t picked, why not invite them to contact you for a free copy any way? That way, whichever way the decision goes, Kindle Scout will have worked to your benefit, to jump-start your number of (good) reviews.

    Hoping this suggestion helps!


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