As some of you folks know, Belinda and I have been watching horror movies all month long. I should have been blogging my thoughts on these movies we’ve watched so far, but a hectic schedule of public appearances in Ocober as well as some big book-selling events in November have left me deeply preoccupied.
Last night we finished watching MALEVOLENT which had a really cool idea to begin with – but it was poorly shot and poorly put together. The big wrap-up was poorly lit and badly shot.
I realize that I’ve used the word “poorly” three times now, but that just about sums this flick up. There was a good story and they’ve left room for a follow-up film, but all in all MALEVOLENT mostly sucked.
The second film we watched, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 made up for all that.
First off, we both really loved the first INSIDIOUS. The sequel was somewhat less than inspiring. But this third movie in the series lit my fires and kicked my tires. I was on the edge of my seat for the last three-quarters of the movie.
Lin Shaye, the actress who plays the intrepid psychic investigator “Elise Rainier” in all three movies, did one heck of a job convincing me that she was in touch with someone deep and dark and blood-chilling.
The actress playing the victim of these hauntings did a solid job as well. The only weak link, Dermot Mulroney as the Dad, was a little low-key for my liking. He kind of phoned it in.
I know that there is a fourth movie already available on DVD and I might just have to pick it up next month, after I have refattened our sadly depleted bank account with some fresh new book sales. Or else I will just wait it out to see if turns up on Netflix.
Yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon

Horror Stories for the Halloween Season

David Kubicek


NOTE: Here again is the list of some of my favorite horror stories for the Halloween season. I’ve made two changes: I’ve added a short section on humorous horror stories, and I’ve added a link to Bob Rodden’s novelette “Sun Tea,” which, after being out of print for years, was published in digital and paperback versions in 2018.

It is almost an impossible task to make a list of good horror stories because there are legions of them, and there are many authors who aren’t on this list and probably should be. But in the interests of keeping the list manageable, I will only note a few of my favorites. The stories are listed in approximately the order in which they were published, ranging from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in 1820 to “Sun Tea” in 1989.

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”by Washington Irving 

This is a well-crafted story by…

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How to make money with your short horror stories

I’ve always enjoyed my short horror sales.

Horror Made

How ToThe short answer? Sell ’em.

OK, but where? For how much? And what kind of Stories actually get sold?!

I’ve been wondering all of this as I’ve been whittling away on some of my own so I figured, I’d share what I’ve been learning with you as well.

I’ve broken sites down by their submission guidelines and how much pay they offer. This way, we can use this as a quick reference to find what we’re looking for.

This post has multiple uses in my mind.

  1. Who’s looking for Story submissions
  2. What’s the average pay for a short story
  3. Sources for reading some really incredible work
  4. Learning which types of stories are being bought

Constantly Updated Open Submissions

horrorfictionfactorheaderHorror Factor:

This is an incredibly thorough source for Horror Market Listings sorted into multiple categories based on their level of pay. It’s a fantastic place to dig for submission options.

They also have a…

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A Common Sense Approach to the Writing Business

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Two of my kids are old enough to create and manage their own You Tube channels, and they expressed an interest in doing so. I figured it was a good idea because they’d learn social networking skills, how to create videos, edit those videos, etc. These are things they could potentially use for future employment. They, however, had stars in their eyes. They heard that people are making a good living off of videos via the ads on You Tube. When you get popular enough, your videos can start getting monetized. As they were talking about how many subscribers it would take to start earning money, I realized this is similar to what I hear from new authors.

When I hear most new authors talk, their focus is on how much money they’re going to make in X amount of time. This is why courses on how to make a…

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Booze Panel: The Best of the Worst Wines

The Cadre


By Bob Deziel

Occasionally at the Cadre, we like to sample certain types of alcohol (rum, champagne, etc), comment on them, and give them a rating. We decided last week that we would attempt to do the “best of the worst” wines that you can find at the liquor store. So, on Wednesday evening we tried our best to determine which of these wines were palatable, and which should only be used as lighter fluid.

Our selection of wines included Boone’s “Strawberry Hill”, L’Ambiance, Kelly’s, Great White, and Hermit. The sommeliers of the evening included the Campus Hobos (Olivia, Travis, and myself), as well as (non-hobo) Travis, Tim, and Brittany, who are all friends of the Cadre.

Since each of these wines were pretty bad, we gave each of them an individualized award to make them, and us, feel better.

First up was Boone’s Strawberry Hill. This was a…

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Kam-Moon – best light meal in Halifax!

My wife and I ate at the Kam-Moon yesterday after work, located at the corner of Brunswick Street and Cogswell. For a mere $6.95 you get a pita pocket filled with either falafel, Greek chicken, steak shwarma, beef kofta, beef sausage, beef liver, garlic shrimp OR calamari – as well as baked potato, pickled carrot and a delicious fried pastry dessert known as Tulumba.

My wife chose the chicken and I had the garlic shrimp.

Ordinarily we like to share our meals – but this was so darned good that we each ate our choices up before we even thought to share.

The pita bread was fresh and thick and delightfully amazing. I know when I wrote “pita pocket” each one of you started thinking about those flat flavorless wraps that you can buy at the grocery store – but forget about that misconception. The bread alone – which is also sold separately – was some of the best tasting bread that I had ever tasted.It is warm and fresh and truly unique.

The torshee, or pickled carrot was crisp and refreshing. I spoke with the owner and he said that he is going to be trying different vegetables such as cucumber, turnip and the like.

The potatoes were tasty and flavorful.

The dessert, tulumba – was a little bit like Mexican churro only sweeter and with a better texture.

I’m rating this five stars – but only because that is all of the stars that Facebook allows me to put. After we ate we purchased a bag of bread to take home for home use, as well as a bowl of rice pudding and another serving of yummy tulumba.

The manager and the staff were courteous, friendly and VERY attentive.

The Kam-Moon restaurant is located on the corner of Cogswell and Brunswick, just down the street from Scotia Square and the office that I work at. I would recommend this eatery highly. It offers light, tasty and truly filling cuisine and bread that would be worth wrestling a grizzly bear for.

The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Steve Vernon

NOVA SCOTIA author, Chantal Boudreau had these very kind words to say about my work, via her blog at The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Steve Vernon