HOW To Finish Your Damn Book

This is for ALL of you writer-types – INCLUDING myself!!!

I need to get busy and finish a damn book!


At the beginning of this year I wrote a post for that treasure trove of writing and publishing information,, about why you should finish your damn book. You can read that post here. It proved really popular. So popular that it seems to me like a lot of you are in the same place I was until last summer: wanting nothing more than to have finished your book, but finding yourself doing everything but writing it.

It’s all well and good for me to tell you why you should finish your book (nutshell: a finished book is the one thing everyone who ever got published/successfully self-published has in common) but how do you do it? How do you overcome procrastination? How do you finish your damn book?

I only know what worked for me, but maybe you’ll find something in there that works for you. Let’s see…


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Do you have an old book that needs a make-over?

Maybe you ought to consider it.

Take a look at how author A.J. Goode goes about remaking her old book here!

A Goode One

Hey, everybody!

As some of you know, I put together a bunch of my earliest funny blog posts in a book called Have a Goode One a few years ago.  It wasn’t a great title and I knew nothing about making a good book cover, and it basically sank to the bottom of Amazon’s rankings. The nineteen people who bought it seemed to enjoy it, though.

However, I’m still very proud of the material, so I decided to give it another chance. I’ve re-vamped it with a new title, a better cover, and a little bit of rearranging of the essays on the inside.

For those of you who already own this one, a hearty “thank you!” I’m working hard to convince Amazon to “push” the new version out to you, and I promise to keep you all updated on that. But I really want to make sure that you…

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Wishes Needn’t Wait…

Yesterday was my day off. I wound up shoveling gravel nearly all day long. I soaked two t-shirts through with sweat. Then last evening my wife and I drove out to the local Lazy Boy store. They are in the midst of renovating and were having a HUGE all-old-stock-must-go sale.
“Your birthday is coming up, isn’t it?” my wife coyly asked me.
“Yup,” I said.
“How about we buy that Lazy Boy recliner that you have been dreaming about ever since I first met you?”
So let me tell you about our living room. We have got two gorgeous couches, that are great for stretching out and napping in – but we don’t have any easy chairs. So when I sit to watch television I have to sort of perch on the couch and not put my feet up.
We used to have a pair of easy chairs, but they gave way to the deterioration of age and a large working man’s body. I have been wanting a Lazy Boy recliner for a very long time – but every time I start to think about buying one I think about our debtload and all of the things that we NEED to buy – and I get second thoughts.
“No second thoughts now,” my sweet darling Belinda said. “It’s time. Your back is killing you. All that hard work you’ve done. You’ve earned this. Let’s buy this chair.”
So I said yes and she hugged me – she was that grateful to see me taking care of myself for a change.
In fact, we bought TWO chairs. We found a chair that was perfect for her as well. The two of them will be delivered early in August. No longer will I perch upon my couch. I can hardly wait!
Madison recliner

This isn’t the EXACT chair we bought, but it is pretty close.

Sometimes you have to do that for yourself.

Sometimes you have to stop worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future and make your wishes come true – RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes you have to stop talking and dreaming about something and just get up off of your butt and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

So, because my wife made me get up OFF of my butt and make my wish come true I am going to get the chance to sit on my butt comfortably.

Don’t wait for the future to come.

Make it happen NOW!

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Exploring Audiobooks with ACX/Audible – Part 1

I’ve been exploring the world of audiobooks through ACX/Audible, with my indie books. I plan to start blogging about this process in a short while.

For now, I would like to share this interview with you folks and ask two questions.

How many of you author-types out there have your own audiobooks?

How many of you reader-types out there listen to audiobooks?


While you are chewing over those questions why don’t you give this interview a read? You might also want to follow Anne R. Allen’s blog. She puts out some great material for readers AND writers alike!


Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Rejected By BookBub? Look In The Mirror And Change Your Marketing Ways

Source: Rejected By BookBub? Look In The Mirror And Change Your Marketing Ways

Do You Give Your Book Away?

Because I like to sell my books widely – through Kobo, Nook, Smashwords and other venues BESIDES Kindle – I don’t have the option of setting up a free giveaway.

I know there are book giveaway services, but I don’t have all that much incentive to use them more than I do.

But, I thought that you folks out there might be interested in how one author does it – so give this article a read.

Joynell Schultz

Do You Give Your Book

My writing goal has always been to get people to read my books. Pretty simple, eh?

Those of you who’ve been following my journey (or are published authors yourself) know it isn’t that easy. One of the things I’ve been tossing around is giving away my full-length novels for free.

I already give away short stories as subscriber magnets for my newsletter…but how about an entire book? Will this help me in the long run? Especially when I only have two books available for sale at the moment?

Despite the cautions from others that this devalues my work and it only makes sense if you more books in the series, I decided to do it anyway. Why? Because I want to know. Don’t you?

So, I did some experiments with my FREE days through my Kindle Contract. (For those of you who don’t know what this is, if you…

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Welcoming New Voices and Stories to ACX

Like I said yesterday, ACX is looking for Canadian and Irish authors and narrators. I don’t have the technical know-how to set up a sound studio of my own – but I am REALLY eager to get some of my work out there available in audiobook format.

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

ACX is excited to welcome new voices and stories onto our revolutionary audiobook creation platform. Starting today, Canadian and Irish Rights Holders and Producers can list their audio samples and audiobook projects for auditions in the ACX marketplace. To date, authors, publishers, studios, and narrators in the US and UK have produced over 80,000 audiobooks using ACX, and we can’t wait to hear what audiobooks you make next. We’d especially like to thank you for the opportunity to help create audiobooks around the world and support the creative community.

Are you looking for a Canadian or Irish voice? Listen to samples. Ready to show off your accents? Update your samples.

Visit to get started!

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