Book Review: Maritime Monsters by Steve Vernon

A brand new review of MARITIME MONSTERS.

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Title: Maritime Monsters

Author: Steve Vernon with illustrations by Jeff Solway

Release date: Originally released September 30th, 2009, re-released July 31st, 2019

First – I just want to say, this isn’t going to be one of my ‘traditional’ reviews – in that I won’t be sharing any criticism or my usual ‘what I didn’t like section.’ The reason being that this is a book about mythical creatures for kids. I absolutely loved everything about it, and truthfully I can’t find something to suggest any improvement or something that may turn readers off, which is what I usually do.

Second – I owe Steve Vernon an apology. It never dawned on me to review this! How ridiculous, because I review so many books. Steve kindly sent this as a surprise gift for my son last year. My son (who’ll be turning 5 in two months at the time of this review)…

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