Sinking Deeper

  1. Sinking Deeper
    Or My Questionable (Possibly Heroic) Decision to Invent a Sea Monster

    Sinking Deeper New Cover

    SINKING DEEPER is my very first young adult novel.

    It is a story that begins with a jailbreak which leads to an impromptu caber toss which results in an unfortunate dory-sinking – and that’s just the first chapter.

    Let me read to you from the catalog copy…

    The tiny fishing community of Deeper Harbour is in deep trouble—and so is fourteen-year-old Roland MacTavish. Roland’s mom wants to move with him to Ottawa, away from his father, his weird friend Dulsie, and his even weirder grandfather, Angus. So Roland does what any sane teenager would do: He invents a sea monster. Unfortunately, the scheme quickly spins out of Roland’s control, and he has to go to greater and greater lengths to keep up the illusion. And then Roland must deal with a situation far more terrifying than any sea monster. As moving as it is irresistibly funny, Steve Vernon’s portrait of Roland and Deeper Harbour is perfect for anyone who’s ever been stuck badly enough to do something awesomely, brilliantly, heroically stupid.

    You like the sound of that? I sure do. I’ve had a lot of success with my regional books – with three ghost story collections and one children’s picture book – but SINKING DEEPER is the first I’ve book I’ve written that I feel really has a chance to make a mark in the Canadian book market.

    If you want to read what other folks are saying about SINKING DEEPER there are several reviews online already.

    Pass The Chiclets

    CM Magazine

    SINKING DEEPER is available through Chapters/Indigo , or direct from the publisher Nimbus Publishing.

    Can’t afford to buy a book? No worries. Bills are bills and life is life and I’ve been broke far too many times to not forget how important a dollar can be. Ask for a copy at your local library. If they can’t get it be prepared to get uppity with them. Vent your frustration and bang on the head librarian’s desk (I bet you thought I was going to say bang your head on the head librarian’s head) and demand that they add a copy or two of SINKING DEEPER to their bookshelves.

    They will thank you for it afterwards…

    …when you stop.

    Yours in storytelling,

    Steve Vernon

6 responses to “Sinking Deeper

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  3. Dear Mr. Vernon,
    I am a grade six student that has read your book Sinking Deeper. I think it was a great book! My favorite part was when they were building the sea monster. I also liked all of the chapter names because they are so random and funny. My favorite character was Grandad Angus because he was pretty hilarious and I liked when he said he was taking stuff out of his “Fishing vest of many pockets.” Also my second favorite character is Dulsie because of her today tattoos. I think the book should have been longer because Roland was just “all of a sudden” in Ottawa. I also didn’t like that Grandad Angus died because he was my favorite character of all! I really enjoyed the book Sinking Deeper; Thanks for writing this book!


    • Hello Caden,

      I am glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my book, SINKING DEEPER.

      When a writer writes something it does not really become real until somebody like you opens up the book and reads the darned thing. Until the reader comes along the writer is nothing more than some guy sitting in his office typing away to himself. So it always makes may day to hear from kids like you and Gavin Hack.

      My favourite character is Granddad Angus as well.

      Yours in storytelling,
      Steve Vernon


  4. Dear Steve Vernon,

    I am a Grade six student and my name is Gavin hack. I just finished reading your book sinking deeper and I find it an amazing book! I really liked when everyone fell into the water it was really funny! It was especially funny when Roland said “it was scary and funny at the same time” I also enjoyed when Granddad Angus and Roland took the clothesline pole ran up the hill and threw it down the hill and through the dory. At the end of the book I found it kind of rushed. It just went Granddad Angus died and Roland moved to Ottawa, and he didn’t even say goodbye to anyone! But could you try to make another book like Sinking Deeper? But it was a really good book. And I hope you write back to me soon, Thank you for reading my letter

    Gavin Hack 🙂


    • Hey Gavin.

      I’m really glad to hear that that you enjoyed reading SINKING DEEPER.

      Sometimes when a writer is telling a story he has to leave some parts out, which is why I did not put a whole lot of detail into Roland’s move to Ottawa.

      I am working on another novel. I have been writing a lot of grown-up stuff, but I do intend to return to Deeper Harbour one day and write another book set in that little imaginary town. In the meantime, keep on reading anything that you can. Reading is like push-ups for the brain. Every book that you read makes your mind just a little bit stronger.

      Yours in storytelling,
      Steve Vernon


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