Photographing Outdoor (and Indoor) Christmas Lights

Here’s some tips on photographing Christmas lights, for all of you camera buffs out there – courtesy of author R. Doug Wicker.

R. Doug Wicker — Author

It’s the Christmas season.  That means it’s camera time, because you won’t see this much nighttime splashing of color again until July 4, and that’s only if we’re all still around come Mayan dawn on December 21 (remember — those west of the International Dateline get it first).

Taking pictures of Christmas lights requires special care and preparation.  Regular readers of my blog know that I don’t usually advocate taking the camera out of JPEG and shooting in your camera’s Raw format (especially for beginners or those who haven’t the time to fool with post-processing the conversion), but this may be an exception.  The biggest reason for this is White Balance and the transition from incandescent (tungsten) lighting to the newer high-tech LED lights becoming increasingly more common, but more on that in a moment.

Equipment you’ll need:  A camera that allows you to control white balance, and…

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