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A Halifax Christmas Carol by Steven Laffoley

Consumed by Ink

Before you start to think I’m completely obsessed with the Halifax Explosion, let me explain… When I first saw this book I thought it was going to be a twist on Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, set in Halifax. Which it is… but it’s not as close to A Christmas Carol as I was expecting it to be. It’s a story of faith and hope set in 1918 Halifax, and it’s saturated in stories about WWI and the Halifax Explosion. In other words, it’s even better than I was hoping it would be. And it’s inspired by a true story.

Steven Laffoley was inspired to write this book when he read the story about the “little chap” with the big heart who, in December 1918, one month after the war ended and a year after the disaster of the Halifax Explosion, brought in a 25 cent piece to the office…

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