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Free Book: Dead Man’s Salute by Steve Vernon | What to Read

There’s a brand new book review site for Genre Writers of the Atlantic and my freebie DEAD MAN’S SALUTE is one of the first books to be listed!

The Book Closet

There is a truly amazing book by Steve Vernon, author of Flash Virus and The Tatterdemon trilogy, for FREE today on Amazon. Here are the details:

“After Sally Mae Webster phoned me up to tell me that my Korean War buddy Luther Webster had been shot and killed by the Bates brothers I knew that I wasn’t going to stop until I had righted that wrong. I wonder just how many graves I was going to have to dig today.”

Interesting! I love a good description written in-character, that’s how we started out (re: book descriptions are hard!)

To get your copy of Dead Man’s Salute, click this link and comment below what you think when you do get it! 🙂

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