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Veggies for Breakfast are a MUST!

All right – so I generally blog about my writing and my latest projects with the occasional BUY-MY-BOOK plea – but today I’m going to blog about breakfast.

For those of you folks who are worried – NO – I am NOT going to turn into a food blogger – although I am a foodie. There are a LOT of great food blogs out there and I don’t intend to pit my feeble culinary skills against the professionals out there.

But I wanted to talk about breakfast.

Remember how your Mom always told you that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”?

importance of breakfastWell, she was RIGHT.

Now, let me add something else to this theory.

VEGETABLES are your most important part of your breakfast.

I know that you’ve heard time and again about how important fruit is – but fruit is heaps of fructose – a fast, fast burning sugar. They are like softwood in the fireplace. They burn fast and disappear quickly. I have made it a practice to try and include vegetables in most of my breakfasts and I find that the food energy seems to burn slower and stronger. I try and include at least one fresh vegetable for breakfast every morning – even if it is nothing more than a tomato sandwich.

I know.

I screwed up, didn’t I?

Tomatoes are fruit.

Too bad.

I file that under the same category of thinking that tries to tell me that Pluto isn’t a planet.

Don’t worry Pluto.

I’M not a planet either.

Let me tell you about breakfast today.

You can call this a recipe if you like – but I prefer to think about it as – “This is what I threw in the pan”.

For starters I sliced a couple of strips of bacon into little-bitty bits. I use a pair of scissors for this. My wife always yells at me when I do this, so I get up early before she is looking.

Husbands have got to be crafty.

Then I chopped a good-sized onion – because you can’t cook ANYTHING without an onion.

Not even chocolate pudding.


Then I chopped a stalk of celery and chopped the last leftover zucchini from last night – (see my last blog entry for some REAL recipes) – and I set them all to frying on a medium heat.

I know that the bacon ISN’T really healthy – so you can always substitute a good vegetable oil like olive oil or canola.

I have been meaning to try avocado oil – which I hear is good for frying – but that will have to remain in the THERE-WASN’T-ANY-AVOCADO-OIL-IN-THE-GROCERY-STORE file.

Then, once those veggies were beginning to golden up I broke a chunk of that leftover roast cauliflower from last night – (again, see my last blog entry) – and I shook on a little salt and a lot of pepper.

Then I shoveled those veggies onto two plates and dropped a chunk of butter into the pan and broke a couple of eggs and fried two eggs and set each egg onto the plate.

That was breakfast today.

Remember – when you’re cooking – forget about recipes. Take a bit of this and a bit of that and either fry it or roast it or bake it or boil it – and you are cooking. Recipes are for sissies.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon