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Talk Like a Pirate Day Pirate Awards: The Best Pirate Stuff Ever


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Hannah Reads Books

Talk Like a Pirate Day

My friends — dare I say, mateys — the day has come. Talk Like a Pirate Day. The revered holiday on which we talk like pirates. In celebration of this all-important holiday, I give you, a completely random and subjective list of pirate-themed awards, in no order at all! 


The Pirates' Mixed-Up VoyageBest Middle Grade/Children’s Pirate Book

The Pirates’ Mixed-Up Voyage by Margaret Mahy.

When Lionel Wafer declares himself “captain” and christens his boat The Sinful Sausage, he and his “crew,” a parrot and some sea-loving landlubbers, embark on a humorous voyage. This book is delightful.

Best Pirate Improv Comedy Skit

Whose Line Is It Anyway with special guest Whoopi Goldberg!

Best Doctor Who Pirate Episode

“The Pirate Planet” from the era of the Fourth Doctor! This episode treats the concept of “pirate” more metaphorically, with an entire planet that pillages other planets. There is a bit of quintessential “pirate” in the captain, though. He…

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