Halloween Movie Countdown Day #4 – PRINCE OF DARKNESS

Tonight’s horror movie was another flick from my John Carpenter collection and is my wife’s favorite – PRINCE OF DARKNESS.

It is a moody, creepy, dark and sometimes confusing film – but some of the scenes are going to stick with you all night long and give you nightmares.

I love Donald Pleasance, and Victor Wong is always fun to watch. Jameson Parker (AJ Simon in TV’s Simon & Simon) turned in so stiff a performance that I’ll swear that the actor must have gargled with Sta-Flo Laundry Starch for every single scene he was in. Rock star Alice Cooper is suitably creepy as a weird possessed homicidal derelict does a great job of killing a guy with the frame of a bicycle.

This is a movie that people either love or hate but I find it has grown on me over the years, just like the molecules of cellulite that hang about my waistline.

Now THAT’S a horrifying image.

Catch you all tomorrow!

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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