Halloween Movie Countdown Day #5 – FADE TO BLACK

For my fifth horror movie night we started out with a brand new SHUDDER release called SCARE ME. The film consists of two main characters – Aya Cash (Stormfront from The Boys) and Josh Ruben (who hasn’t been in ANYTHING that I have ever seen). The whole movie centers around these two caught in a power outage in an old cabin, telling each other scary stories.Basically, it’s horror improv.The only problem is, they truly suck at storytelling. If they were going to make a movie about scary storytelling, I know a fellow who might know a thing or two about that business.Judging from the poster, I guess a third character (Chris Redd) would have shown up but we just couldn’t be bothered. Belinda and I lasted through about one and a half stories and then gave it up as a bad idea.

Sorry, but I’m giving this one a big thumbs down

All right, so SCARE ME didn’t, but we were determined to find something better to watch. Now I had heard about this movie FADE TO BLACK sometime ago, but I had never seen it. The flick was released back in 1980.Basically, the story revolves around this young misanthropic film buff named Eric Binford who lives with aunt (or maybe it’s his mother). The only problem is that he identifies so strongly with characters from older movies that he starts acting out some of these movies. It is sort of a flick about a cosplaying serial killer.Now, this is a cheaply shot flick – but there are some really well shot parts of the movie. And the young actor who plays the main character really gives it his all.The worst part of the movie were the so-called “good guys”. Tim Thomerson plays what has to be one of the shittiest police psychologists that I have ever seen. I mean, this guy is a freaking piece of work. First time we meet him he attempts to seduce the lady police officer who is supposed to be his partner – but, seeing that she basically comes on to him from that very same scene. I mean, the scene plays out like – “Hi, I’m a trained police officer. I’ve heard amazing things about your psychological skills. We should sleep together, right now.” I mean, I know it was the 80’s and all, but you have to see that scene to believe it. And later in the movie when, as a trained criminal psychologist he tries to talk the killer into giving himself up, he goes from “I can help you, Eric, I’m your friend.” to “YOU FUCKING CROSS DRESSING LUNATIC, I’M GOING TO FUCKING BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT!” in about a minute and a half flat.Again, you really have to see it to believe it.But, in spite of some sloppy character work from the “good guys” the scenes with the villain are creepy and mindblowing. I’d recommend this flick, if you don’t mind a few glaring goof-ups from any other character besides the main role. I found this flick on Amazon. Here’s a look at the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zaIQu1mZ4E

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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