Here’s another guest blog from Mollie Hunt’s blog site. Folks are interested in cats ought to follow Mollie.

I’ve always been fascinated with painters. My wife, Belinda Ferguson, paints like she has a camera hidden inside of her paintbrush. I tried painting a cat once, but the darned thing scratched me before I could a second roller full of paint onto its fur…

Just kidding…

Mollie Hunt: Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and more

Our guest today is Northwest Cat Artist Leslie Cobb. Leslie is an amazing person whom I have the pleasure to know personally. She is part artist, part cat advocate, and part kitty angel. Her home is filled with bright colors and special needs cats. You may recognize Leslie’s artwork from the covers of my Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series. Her paintings are featured on the 5 published books, and will continue with the next in the series, Cosmic Cat and Cat Noel, coming out later this year.

~Leslie, when did you start your art journey? Was it something you set out to do or did the muse take you?

Leslie: In 1998, my 19-year-old one-eyed cat Esmeralda passed away. I was devastated. I had been present when she was born (my sister and I rescued her pregnant mother, who died shortly after giving birth) so she had been a…

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