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Any cat lovers out there?

Mollie Hunt, one of the authors in my latest bundle, CAT TALES, has this to say about her twin black cats.

Mollie Hunt: Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and more

It’s snowing again in Portland. Not much, just a few flakes, but enough to remind us it isn’t really spring even though green things are poking up through the soil. There are some early flowers in bloom, purple crocus and snowdrops, but today we are reminded of why they call them “snow” drops.

A day like today calls for relaxing in the warmth of home. And how better to do that than read a cat story or two with a cat on your lap? And how much more fun would it be if some of those stories were a bit edgy and thought-invoking. Cat people know that underneath all that floof is a multifaceted beast that may well have hailed from another planet.

Yes, you guessed it. I’m leading into promotion for a new bundle of cat stories coming out today. It’s called CAT TALES #1, and will soon…

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