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Setbacks…and dealing with them!

Okay, so you’re all wondering about how my Kobo release project is coming along.

Well – so far, it isn’t. Not because of anything that Kobo has done. I’ve just had some second thoughts about the manuscript and pulled it back out of the loop. I should have it ready to go in the next day or so.

Now I know that this sort of behavior is way-too-typical for a beginning writer.

You know what I”m talking about. The sort of – “Oh wait – it isn’t ready yet. One more revision. One more draft.”

Behavior like that can lead to a chronic condition of “some-day-I-ought-to-publish-that-book”.

Well – this isn’t that sort of a condition. I had rushed things a little too quickly and decided to redo one particular detail. That detail is now figured out and I am just waiting upon an image that needs to be completed. Meanwhile I am working on the second Kobo release. So I hit a speed bump – but I’m still working towards completion.

In the meanwhile – why don’t you all take a look at this Youtube video and contemplate the importance of writers keeping fit!




yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon