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Now THIS is How You Run a Group E-book Promo

Patty Jansen Promo

A few weeks ago I signed up for a Group Promo run by scifi writer Patty Jansen over at kboards.

I was one of the first of over FORTY authors who climbed on board this promotion.

Patty Jansen Promo 2

We have promoted through various personal newsletters, through Facebook Ads, through Twitter and through and through various Facebook pages.

And – with the exception of the Facebook ads – NONE of this has cost us a single thin dime.

Let me tell you, that is the sort of promotion you REALLY need to get involved with more often.

Just TAKE A LOOK AT HOW SLICK THIS PROMO PAGE LOOKS! See how the pages are all neatly arranged. I don’t have the technical skill to build something like this but I can appreciate the hours of set-up that Patty put into building this promotion.

So – all of you scif/fantasy/specfic reader-types out there swing on over to the promo page just by clicking on one of those images and grab yourself some 99 cent bargains.

Click this image and it will take you DIRECTLY to the promo page!

Click this image and it will take you DIRECTLY to the promo page!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

I’m BREAKING NEWS…valuable error edition!!!

I don’t know why but the phrase “breaking news” always leaves me with an urge to check my skivvies.

However, since I haven’t been eating any beans lately I figure I ought to just mention a couple of recent sales.

I’ve just recieved word that the official contract for my story “Three Thousand Miles of Cold Iron Tears” – a tale involving Bigfoot, the ghost of Sam Steele and a billion spectral navvies has been finalized. This story will be a part of TESSERACTS 16 – Parnassus Unbound (Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing). The book should be out in bookstores this fall.

I love the cover.

There’s a really great Table of Contents including noted Canadian scifi writer Robert Sawyer. You can find out more details just by clicking that cover photo.

I’m also pleased to announce that my squid-romance “Wetside Story”, which originally appeared in my e-book BAD VALENTINES has been accepted for WILD STORIES 2012 – THE YEAR’S BEST GAY SPECULATIVE FICTION – which is due out sometime in the fall from Lethe Press. I am really pleased that this yarn made the cut for this anthology. Writing it was a bit of a gamble on my part. I thought I’d treated the subject with sensitivity – but it is an awfully hard trick for a straight old fart like me to write about gay squids.

And another fantastic cover.

IMPORTANT CORRECTION – ACTUALLY, I’VE JUST REALIZED – (which is a fancy of saying the editor knuckle-rapped me on the side of the head) – THAT MY STORY WILL BE INCLUDED IN WILDE STORIES 2013!!!

I’m going to leave the post as it is – because that still looks like a great collection and that is an awesome looking cover. Besides, postage stamps with errors are highly collectable – so why not blogs with inner goofs?

My apologies to all those involved. Sometimes stupid just gets in my eyes!

A lot of you folks will be pleased to hear that both of these volumes will be available in traditional paperback format.

Even though I am still boldly forging into the digital world I am always happy to see another quality book on my bookshelf. This will be three books due out this fall – counting my Nimbus release, MARITIME MURDER – and I may have a fourth release yet as I am currently working on another submission for an upcoming anthology that I was invited to contribute to.

And – those digitally minded folks should not worry. Both of these volumes will be eventually available in Kindle format.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon