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Back at Christmas time a good friend from work gave me some movie money, on the promise that I would write up a movie review.

The only problem was, most of what was out there around Christmas truly sucked.

I took a look at what was coming up and I decided that I was going hold onto my movie money virginity until LOGAN came out.

So, on the second weekend of the movie run my wife and I went to see LOGAN. I’m not sure why. It’s not like we were superhero geeks or anything like that.

Aquaman and Mera

No, neither my wife nor I are wearing wigs – and we both have very short hair now!

Well, let’s start out by saying that LOGAN truly rocked.

The movie was totally awesome. It showed us viewers a true picture of a hero grown old. Hell, there were two heroes grown old – Wolverine AND Professor X.

I can relate to that. I’m tiptoeing up on sixty years of age and my wife has markered my name on the bathroom mirror so that I will remember who I am shaving every morning after breakfast. I’ve developed a tremor in my right hand that worsens under stress. Snow has fallen upon my temples and beard and a lifetime of cheeseburgers and beer have begun to accumulate around my belt.

Getting old is God’s joke on us all. Sooner or later, we all drive a beater of a car. Our ball bearings begin to rust and we begin to creak and we begin to smell funny. Old Man Death is catching up to us and he is taking his sweet time, but we can feel him coming on just the same.

Logan fedora

My goodness, Steve, that last sentence depressed me so badly I’m finally giving up the role of Professor X – and I am likewise admitting that Kirk was a far ballsier starship Captain than I could ever hope to be!!

What I liked about LOGAN was that this was a superhero movie that did not kid around. It was dark and Wolverine’s claws were really freaking sharp and he did not pull any punches or waste time posing and flexing like a wannabe Mr. Universe.

I also appreciate the dark near-apocalyptic universe they staged the movie in, although the geek-boy in me still quietly yearned for the balls-to-the-wall fantasy that was the graphic novel, OLD MAN LOGAN. I understand that OLD MAN LOGAN was just a bit too comic book geeky to create the heavy powerful atmosphere of the movie LOGAN – but I still wanted to see an Old Man Hulk attempting to chow down on the Wolverine.

Still, the movie was strong and dark and a hell of a goodbye to an amazing character’s film career. Oh, I am sure that we will see another Wolverine. Some chucklehead will come up with the idea that a Norwegian Wolverine played by a young hipster with a full-blown Duck Dynasty beard would be a wonderful idea – and hey, what if he sang show tunes?

But for me, there is never going to be any other actor who could play this character so well as Mr. Hugh Jackman, even if he CAN sing show tunes.

Oh yeah – I am supposed to be reviewing this movie, aren’t I?

Well, what can I tell you?

LOGAN is a damn good movie.

If you dig the Wolverine, get your ass into a theater and go and see it, right now.

Wolverine beaten by Spock

Hands up, any of you who geek-types who remember that Spock beat the Wolverine with a Vulcan neck pinch. That’ll serve him right for daring to comparing Patrick Stewart with the original World Federation wrestling superstar, William Shatner!

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


The First TATTERDEMON review…

Writers are always hunting for reviews.

A good blog review of your latest book is wonderful advertising to the entire readership of that particular blog. It is advertising that will stay there in the blog archives and continue to make new blog-followers aware of your work.

A good review at a bookselling site – such as Amazon, Indigo/Chapters, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and others is likewise valuable in that it serves as encouragement for new readers to pick up your work.

That is why I am always happy to see a new review.

Getting reviews is not always easy.  Whether you are dealing with a dedicated book-blogger or just a for-the-fun-of-it reader who liked or did-not-like your book enough to actually write a review of it – you are always going to be dealing with someone who most likely has a very long To-Be-Read list – and your book will get placed in line and you might not see a review for a very long time.

Mind you – sometimes receiving a review can be a somewhat mixed experience. If that particular reader did not particularly care for your book it can be downright painful. But even a painful review can still hold positive benefits for the long-term strategically-minded writer.

Even a bad review is apt to have some good points.

For example – “I really enjoyed Joe Blow’s sense of humor, even though I thought the plotline of Joe Blow’s latest e-book “MY DOG WAGS HIS TAIL AT ME” sucked harder than a thousand flushed toilet bowls.” – lets readers know that the book is good for a giggle.

And besides, toilet bowls are awfully useful.

I just read the first review of TATTERDEMON at WISTFULSKIMMIE’S BOOK REVIEWS and it truly rocks.


It made my morning.

It truly did.


PS: I guess if I were really the slick marketing genius coyote that I pretend to be I should tell you readers to try and make it a point to post a reviews of a book – if you truly enjoyed it – just the same way as I try to make it a point to eat low calorie bacon cheeseburgers with a salad instead of french-fries! And I should also mention that if any of you writers want some tips on GETTING reviews you might want to read my blog entry “Let’s review the art of getting a book review” right here – https://stevevernonstoryteller.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/lets-review-the-art-of-getting-a-review/

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon