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Send For R.E.M….

Hello. My name is Steve Vernon and I am an old fart.I wasn’t terribily keen on the notion of electronic books in the first place. Shoot, what if I give myself a shock turning the pages???

I love “real” books. I’ve got bookshelves in every room in the house except for the laundry room – and I keep trying to convince my wife that clean clothes are really overrated…

That’s where some of the conversion began. I’m running out of bookshelf space. With a Kindle I can store a couple of hundred books in the space of a single skinny pocket book.


My back is starting to go, as well – which means I can’t read hardcovers on the bus to work because I have to tote the darned things back and forth – and they get heavy. With a Kindle I can finally read Stephen King’s Under the Dome without aggravating my lumbar.

Ain’t nothing worse than aggravated lumbar…

Not to mention the whole eyestrain issue that’s already been mentioned by a few folks. There are certain books in my collection that I just can’t read anymore because the teeny-tiny font is beyond the grasp of my failing old fart eyes.

Speaking as a writer, I’ve also become a great Kindle fan. My publisher, Crossroad Press, has helped bring out a lot of my older, out-of-print works in e-book format – for Kindle and all other formats – (insert self-serving commercial right here) – so, thanks to the Kindle and other e-reading-devices I am reaching a whole whack of new readers.

Even my regional publisher has begun to step into the game.  Haunted Harbours is available for both the Nook and the Kobo reading devices.

I still don’t own a Kindle or a Kobo – but only because I’m suffering from a severe case of chronic broke. But I have sworn to purchase a Kindle a Kobo before the end of 2012.

Unless the Mayans turn out to be right.

It’s the end of the world as we know it – but I feel fine!

Bring on the future. Bring on the Kindle. Print books aren’t dead so long as I’ve got a bookshelf in my house – and there’s still lots of room for e-books!

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon