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#NaNoWriMo Meets #Movember

November used to be a pretty quiet month.

Back in the day I used to work most of my school visits through the bulk of October and then November would start to slow down. The tourist trade would dwindle for the winter and the New Age bookshop where I worked at would grow pretty quiet as well.

This year, however, November is a little livelier.

Let’s start with Halloween.

I always enjoy dressing up for work and I decided this year that I was going to shave off my beard – which I have worn for over twenty years – as part of my costume.

Author at Signing

“Why don’t you try a Fu Manchu mustache?” my wife asked me. “I have always wanted to see you in one.

Which led to this.

Halloween 2014 mugshots 003However, this year I had also quietly decided to myself that I was going to take part in Movember and grow my own mustache. Now I know some fellows would be happy just to do it this way – shaving their beard and leaving the mustache – but I decided that I wanted to start with a clean slate.

Which led to this.

Movember 001

If you click this photograph it will take you directly to my Movember fundraising page. I feel a little guilty about this – especially because I spend so much time jumping up and down asking folks to buy my books – but I feel this is a battle that we all need to pitch in on.

I have got a few reasons for this gesture.

Like I said – I have been thinking about this for a while. I want to take part. I don’t really know how it works – but I want to do my bit to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Cancer – ANY sort of cancer – is a big scary development in ANYBODY’s life. I have seen the effect it can have on the people who suffer from it. I have seen first-hand the effect on the family of cancer victims.

If you want to talk about ghost stories – let’s talk about that fellow who used to be there. We all know him. He’s your brother. He’s your uncle. He’s your barber, your mailman, your hockey coach and your best friend. Cancer is like a kind of world-wide vampire that sucks the life out of good people all across this planet. I am just one man but I would dearly love to shine a light strong enough to wither cancer into nothing more than a dark memory.

I don’t have any more words to fight with so let me just throw my whole damn face at the thing.

So now, I am a Movember Man.

I’ve raised a little bit. Hopefully, I will raise a little bit more. I have even joined a Movember group called NS WRITERS . If any of you Nova Scotia writers who follow my column feel like pitching in and joining up you are more than welcome. All that is required is a clean-shaven face and a willingness to grow yourself a mustache.

I feel pretty good about this. The only real problem is that my wife thinks that I look like this guy now that I am clean shaven.

Any Third Watch fans out there?

In addition to Movember I have also decided to take the plunge into NaNoWriMo this month.

I am doing it just a little bit differently than I did in July at Camp NaNoWriMo.
You see, I ended October at the 33500 word mark in a brand new paranormal novel that I call LADY MACBETH – THE MERMAID AND THE SELKIE.
Only problem is I need to get myself to the 50000 word mark.
Macbeth Final - Playing Card Size
Which is why I am pounding away at the novel for the first week or two of NaNoWriMo.
In fact, I already have a promotion lined up for Black Monday for this book – so I guess I have got myself a deadline. Which is cool by me. The sooner I finish this book, the sooner I can move on to my next book.
Once I finish those last few thousand words on LADY MACBETH, I intend to spend the rest of NaNoWriMo working on a 30,000 word novella – that Nova Scotia zombie novella that I have been planning to write for years now.
So it is going to be a productive month.
In the next few days I will post a first chapter excerpt of LADY MACBETH and I will set up a pre-order for it on Kindle and possibly on Kobo.
In the meantime here are my writing figures so far on NaNoWriMo.
November 1st – 1700 words written
November 2nd – 2400 words written for a total of 4100.
(actually, that is a total of 37,600 words, once you add in the October total.)
Yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon