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The Avengers!

My wife just surprised me with a trip out to the movies to see THE AVENGERS.

I had nearly given up on seeing this one at the theater. We are a little broke these days – in fact, so broke that we can’t even pay attention – so she really made my month by taking me to see it.

What a wild ride. What a great flick.

Let me be up front about this. I really don’t care for Robert Downey jr. – but he is BORN to be Tony Stark. The guy really brings it to this role and I’ll give him a big thumbs up as being the best actor – hands down – in the movie.

I dig Captain America too. He has just the right mixture of apple pie and Oh-Say-Can-You-See with the courage and leadership and all-around chutzpah of a leader and a hero.

Thor was pretty good – and the new dude playing the Hulk did a great job as well. I enjoyed Hawkeye – although I really have got to wonder how many arrows the dude can fit into a quiver. And I wish they could have given him a costume that would have been more reminiscent of the comic book character.

Am I being too picky?

Or am I just letting my geek flag fly?

Loki was a great villain and Nick Fury kicked butt too. When he walked out with an RPG on his shoulder I wanted to jump up and down and cheer.

My only beef was Natasha – the Black Widow. Scarlet Johansen definitely looked the part but her perfomance is fairly flat. As soon as she opens up her mouth I go to sleep. And why the hell was she walking into a ap0calyptic firefight with an alien invasion fleet with a pair of Tokarev pistols? Why the hell couldn’t she have picked up a raygun or something with a little more oomph. I really did enjoy her action scenes – and they wrote her part well – but there were parts of the movie where it almost felt as if they weren’t letting her live up to her proper role.

I know. I know. Some of you folks will say I”m being a sexist – but actually I WANTED to see her kick some major alien ass. Blow shit up. Create some carnage. Whoop ET’s butt.

Still – that scene in which she hijacked the alien sky-scooter was pretty kickass just the same.

All in all if you are one of the remote few who haven’t seen this movie yet – you really ought to see it on the big screen.



PS: If you’d like to read my take on the superhero mythos – just give that picture a little bitty click, would you?


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Very pinteresting…

Okay, so I’m on Pinterest.



Hop over their and make friends with me if you’re into that kind of thing. I’ve enjoyed the Pinterest experience so far, having been on it for one whole day. It does give me an opportunity to organize my book covers and links. Whether it’ll sell any books or not – who knows.

I’m just waiting for a single bit of news that should show up either tonight or tomorrow regarding my first independent Kobo release. Then I will blog the heck out of the whole experience.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

The final freebie…

My e-book, SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME, is available in Kindle format for FREE today, tomorrow and Thursday.










This will be the last chance to get Sudden Death Overtime for free. Following this giveaway I’ll be pulling the e-book from the KDP Select Program in order to release it in Kobo and other formats.

I’ve been working on two YA novels that will be released as part of a new Kobo program in the next month or so. More details to follow.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon