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Merry Christmas WordPress!

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Here’s a shot of me this Christmas morning, feeding the birds. We’ve got a real White Christmas happening here in Nova Scotia and I aim to make sure EVERYBODY – even the birds – gets a bit of Christmas cheer.


Wouldn’t a reindeer coat be good right about now?

Woohoo – I’m number sixteen in CANADA!!!

Okay – so this is pretty freaking cool. My YA novel, SINKING DEEPER, is #16 on this week’s Quill And Quire bestselling Canadian Children’s Book list. Pretty cool to see my book listed alongside of Robert Munsch and Kenneth Opel!




Within the next couple of days SINKING DEEPER will be available in Kobo and Nook format.

Eventually it will be available in Kindle format.

I’ll keep you posted on the details.


Meanwhile, my new Christmas release SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS is available in both Kindle and Kobo format.

shotgun christmas (2)



SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS is a mini-collection of two short Christmas related stories.

The title story originally appeared in A Maritime Christmas: New Stories and Memories of the Season (Nimbus 2008)

The second story, “Scalping Santa”, has NEVER been published before.

I figure I’m not going to make a HUGE amount of money from this release – but I really wanted to put something out for everybody’s Christmas stocking.

Here’s the opening paragraph.

There is a big old sledding hill not more than two or three good snowballs’ worth of distance from our home, just behind Hank Macabee’s house. That hill was waiting for me and my brand new toboggan. It’s one of those sneak-up kind of hills with a long slow ride down that picks up speed as it goes with a bump-hump at the end that you never see coming.

I didn’t see what was coming next, either.

The Christmas tree crashed through Hank Macabee’s bay window. The tree stand clattered behind it and bounced with a clank on Hank’s half-frozen front lawn. Hank came through the door, shotgun in hand. He wore a Nova Scotia plaid bathrobe and a pair of fuzzy blue Smurf slippers. He pumped and blasted the Christmas tree, shattering the decorations that escaped the initial picture window caber toss.

He continued pumping and blasting until his shotgun ran dry.

You really want to read this yarn to see where it goes next…


Available on Kindle      http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AHMO0SO

Available on Kobo      http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Shotgun-Christmas/book-YfvCRY4YeUeQsjPCBlKjbQ/page1.html


yours in storytelling

Steve Vernon