Halloween Movie Countdown – Day #3

Okay, so I am going to talk about the horror movie we watched tonight, but I first want to warn you folks about a horror of a movie. A couple of months ago I watched THIS trailer.

Looks pretty good, right? Especially if you are a fan of cheesy hardboiled action flicks, like I am.

Only this movie was way past cheesy. I mean, we’re talking moldy cheese. We’re talking the cruddy fuzz that grows on moldy cheese that has been left too long on the counter to molder. I mean this was crap. If you EVER want to sit down and have a “Bad Movie Night” – (and I’m looking at you, Connor) – this is the movie to choose to watch. Do NOT waste your time, otherwise.

Mel, I know you’re career has been in the toilet lately. For God’s sake, just flush!


Okay, so after watching that last crapfest – and I sat and I watched the whole hour and a half – which really felt like about two and half hours of cactus thorns and pickle juice beneath my fingernails – I decided to reach for something a little more surefire.I pulled out my John Carpenter collection and reached for THE THING.Here’s the trailer.


I mean, do you REALLY need to see the trailer? If you dig horror movies that really scare the shee-it out of you then I know you have already seen THE THING. Probably own a couple of copies of it. Probably have watched it two or three hundred times.

And if you HAVEN’T seen this movie, sit down and watch it right now. I mean, this fucking minute. What – you have to go to work tomorrow? Fuck that noise. Sit down and watch this.

You’ll thank me later.

However, watching this movie tonight seemed particularly appropriate. We’ve got a dozen men living in lockdown conditions afraid of catching what is, basically, a great big freaky alien virus. And the creeping paranoia of this movie. It is freaking marvelous. Everybody in the whole movie is watching each other, not trusting each other, not knowing if their buddy is really the guy they’ve known or if he is this freaky alien in disguise.

And the defibrillator scene is mind-blowing.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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