Monthly Archives: October 2018


As some of you folks know, Belinda and I have been watching horror movies all month long. I should have been blogging my thoughts on these movies we’ve watched so far, but a hectic schedule of public appearances in Ocober as well as some big book-selling events in November have left me deeply preoccupied.
Last night we finished watching MALEVOLENT which had a really cool idea to begin with – but it was poorly shot and poorly put together. The big wrap-up was poorly lit and badly shot.
I realize that I’ve used the word “poorly” three times now, but that just about sums this flick up. There was a good story and they’ve left room for a follow-up film, but all in all MALEVOLENT mostly sucked.
The second film we watched, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 made up for all that.
First off, we both really loved the first INSIDIOUS. The sequel was somewhat less than inspiring. But this third movie in the series lit my fires and kicked my tires. I was on the edge of my seat for the last three-quarters of the movie.
Lin Shaye, the actress who plays the intrepid psychic investigator “Elise Rainier” in all three movies, did one heck of a job convincing me that she was in touch with someone deep and dark and blood-chilling.
The actress playing the victim of these hauntings did a solid job as well. The only weak link, Dermot Mulroney as the Dad, was a little low-key for my liking. He kind of phoned it in.
I know that there is a fourth movie already available on DVD and I might just have to pick it up next month, after I have refattened our sadly depleted bank account with some fresh new book sales. Or else I will just wait it out to see if turns up on Netflix.
Yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon