How to make money with your short horror stories

I’ve always enjoyed my short horror sales.

Horror Made

How ToThe short answer? Sell ’em.

OK, but where? For how much? And what kind of Stories actually get sold?!

I’ve been wondering all of this as I’ve been whittling away on some of my own so I figured, I’d share what I’ve been learning with you as well.

I’ve broken sites down by their submission guidelines and how much pay they offer. This way, we can use this as a quick reference to find what we’re looking for.

This post has multiple uses in my mind.

  1. Who’s looking for Story submissions
  2. What’s the average pay for a short story
  3. Sources for reading some really incredible work
  4. Learning which types of stories are being bought

Constantly Updated Open Submissions

horrorfictionfactorheaderHorror Factor:

This is an incredibly thorough source for Horror Market Listings sorted into multiple categories based on their level of pay. It’s a fantastic place to dig for submission options.

They also have a…

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