Booze Panel: The Best of the Worst Wines

The Cadre


By Bob Deziel

Occasionally at the Cadre, we like to sample certain types of alcohol (rum, champagne, etc), comment on them, and give them a rating. We decided last week that we would attempt to do the “best of the worst” wines that you can find at the liquor store. So, on Wednesday evening we tried our best to determine which of these wines were palatable, and which should only be used as lighter fluid.

Our selection of wines included Boone’s “Strawberry Hill”, L’Ambiance, Kelly’s, Great White, and Hermit. The sommeliers of the evening included the Campus Hobos (Olivia, Travis, and myself), as well as (non-hobo) Travis, Tim, and Brittany, who are all friends of the Cadre.

Since each of these wines were pretty bad, we gave each of them an individualized award to make them, and us, feel better.

First up was Boone’s Strawberry Hill. This was a…

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One response to “Booze Panel: The Best of the Worst Wines

  1. i love this title and i began with boone’s farm – such a fond memory from years ago


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