Kodachrome – more than just your average road movie

Just last night Belinda and I watched a really enjoyable road movie on Netflix, entitled KODACHROME.
Ed Harris did an amazing job as a globe-trotting photographer who is trying to make some sort of a peace with his estranged son (Jason Sudeikis). Also along for the ride was Elizabeth Olsen, portraying the photographer’s nurse.
I didn’t feel a lot of heat from either Sudeikis or Olsen, but Harris was really taking this movie seriously. The man must have fasted for a month to get himself ready for the role.
I took a look at the reviews on imdb and they were sadly mixed. Some folks felt like this was just a same-old-same-old road-movie father-and-son-reunion. I would argue that you really need to watch this flick with a subtler eye. The cinematography is gently masterful.
Anyone with a love for old school photography really ought to see this flick. Watch it right to the end. This movie gets stronger as it goes. Give it a chance and see what develops.
Have a look at the trailer.
Yours in Storytelling,

4 responses to “Kodachrome – more than just your average road movie

  1. i’m going to look for this –

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  2. Ed Harris has been one of my favourite actors for decades. He was even good in Milk Money. I felt like someone had taken mine after I saw that one. Still, Ed Harris delivered a solid performance.

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  3. Now I’m hungry. Great. It’s close to midnight and I’m eyeing the BBQ.

    Harris strikes me as a character actor who just happens to get lead roles. Duvall, Day-Lewis, there’s a few that work in that manner..


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