Why AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Rocked My Freaking World!!!

Okay – so I just got home from watching AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.
Okay – so I’m going to give you folks one warning right off the bat. Do you remember how THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK left you hanging – with Han Solo stuck in that big garage door of solid carbonite, and Luke gets his hand chopped off and we have to wait until RETURN OF THE JEDI kicked off 3 years later. Well, this one will leave you dangling as well, but the good news is we only have to wait until this time next year to see all the knots untangled in AVENGERS 4.
So, once I’ve said that, why the hell should you bother going to see it?
Well, for starters it freaking rocked. It big freaking screen rocked. If you tell yourself that you are going to be smart about this and hold off until the blu-ray or maybe see it on Netflix – think again. You would be stupid, stupid, stupid, not to see this one on the big screen. It is kickass freaking awesome.
I don’t have enough stars to rate this sucker. It blew my mind and it hit all the right notes and I don’t feel cheated or teased one little bit.
If you enjoyed GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and THOR: RAGNAROK you will really want to bend your leg in two and kick yourself in the ass if you do not see this flick on the big screen.
Sell your first born. Sell the dog while you are at it. You can always have another child or buy another dog. What the hell, you probably stole that dog anyways.
I know what you are saying. You are saying to yourself “Who in the hell is this Steve Vernon dude, accusing me of dog-stealing?”
Let me put it this way – if you are a Marvel fan and you are foolish enough to pass this by on the big screen – you are probably stupid enough to try and steal somebody else’s dog away.
Look, I broke a tooth off of my dental bridge on a bag of popcorn and I am going to have to go to the dentist – and I hate going to the dentist more than any man on this freaking planet – and I STILL DO NOT REGRET watching this flick on the big screen.
Go and see it.
Do it now.
Yours in Storytelling,
Steve Vernon

2 responses to “Why AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Rocked My Freaking World!!!

  1. You had me until Thor: Ragnarok, but I know I’m in the minority on that one. Love the garage door reference. Too funny in a good way!

    I’m in. I’ve been dragging my feet, ever the master procrastinator but I’ll go see it this week. For the obvious reason, I’ll go with a pretzel when I do.

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