Train to Busan (2016) – Just get on board and hang on tight!

Train to Busan
Okay, so it was a long old week and I decided to take my wife out for supper.
We started out by walking over to Fries & Company on Chebucto, right across from The European Pantry where I bought myself and my wife a wonderful supper of fish and chips. She had a Coors and I had a Rickard’s Red and she ordered a bowl of curry dipping sauce, which is GREAT on french fries.
Then we went across the street to the European Pantry where she picked up fancy cookies and I grabbed a couple of steak and mushroom pies for my breakfast this morning.
Then, after a leisurely walk home, we sat down to watch a movie. A freaking no-holds barred zombie movie – from Korea. It’s called TRAIN TO BUSAN and it is available on Netflix and it blew our minds.
I know that some folks don’t enjoy subtitles – but take my advice. Man up your sissy butt and wrap your head around reading subtitles – because this movie is worth the effort.
By the time you are fifteen minutes into this movie you are going to be hanging onto the arms of your easy chair. I am talking about white-knuckled death gripping tension. These zombies aren’t like any kind of zombies I have ever seen before.
In fact, the word “zombies” isn’t mentioned in the entire movie – but these are teeth-gnashing stress-inducing back-from-the-freaking-dead ZOMBIES!!!
Let’s start out the beginning. These characters evolve into living and breathing people that you truly care about. You are going to worry about the Dad and the little girl, and the husband of the pregnant woman. You are going to worry about the engineer and the two older women.
You’re not going to worry about the evil tycoon, though – mostly, because he sucks.
These zombies are like I’ve seen so far. They move fast, and they tend to twitch and shake like walking seizures. There is a little bit of velociraptor in them, in that they track movement. There is a little bit of chicken in them, in that darkness confuses the heck of them.
They are unique.
Listen, just take my word for it. This movie freaking rocks. Get yourself onto The TRAIN TO BUSAN and just try and hang on. Just make sure that you’ve got a good supply of TV snacks handy, and an industrial pair of adult diapers on – because you aren’t going to want to interrupt this movie, not even to pee!
Yours in Storytelling,
Steve Vernon

5 responses to “Train to Busan (2016) – Just get on board and hang on tight!

  1. Reblogged this on Word Blurb and commented:
    A zombie movie worth enduring subtitles. I have a strong love for Korean horror – this one, The Wailing and The Host have made me a real fan. Here’s Steve Vernon’s take (we don’t often agree on movies but we agree on this one.)

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  2. That was a lively read and thanks, Steve! I think one of the zombies you described served me at a McDonalds once. Although maybe not. This one was confused in the light and I strongly suspect dark as well.

    I heartily endorse your feelings on sub-titles. The dubbed version of Das Boot sounds like it was voiced by bored cubicle monkeys. It’s best to hear the original performance.

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    • Yup, I stopped partway through the Indonesian film, THE RAID, on account of the dubbed dialogue. And the dark-and-shaky camera work. I’d heard an awful lot about that flick but it just made me grumpy. Might have been the cold meds I’m on, though.

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  3. I’ve been there, brother. I don’t think it was the cold meds!


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