#GuestBlogger – River Boners – Checking for Typos!

I’m working my way through a rewrite right now, pushing into a book draft that my editor passed back to me. I don’t carry how many times a writer reads their own work – there is ALWAYS a typo that slips by!

Here’s author MARY DEAL’s take on the find art of blooper detection.


River Boners- The need to check for typos.

I sent a query letter for one of my short stories to a magazine. Of course, I included the names of my novels in my brief Bio. The New York editor actually called all the way to Hawaii (where I lived at the time) and thanked me for the best typo she’d ever seen!

A couple years ago, I began taking nutritional supplements that have done wonders for my health. Even my fingernails, which normally never grew but flaked instead, now extend a quarter inch past my fingertips. It’s a great sign that the nutritionals help in many ways.

However, my long fingernails now interfere with being able to use the keyboard at warp speed. I press a key with the fingertip, or the side of my fingertip, but the nail depresses the key next to it. As a result, I had…

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