Picking the Right Royalty Share Projects

I’ve put thirty audiobooks out there on Audible ever since last September, when Audible opened its doors to Canadian authors. I still have some more work from my back catalogue but I really need to get busy writing some new novels to get out there and market.

I’ve been happy with how the audiobooks are working for me. I make a bit of money every month – but I am looking to make more. Like the gent in this reblog, Craig Tollifson, I try to spend time every week getting review requests out there to try and improve my visibility. You’d think thirty audiobooks and rising would be about as visible as Godzilla walking into a one-dead-horse town – but I seem to be more along the lines of the Loch Ness Monster, namely mainly mythical.

Still, just yesterday I read a brand new review of my redneck noir audiobook, HAMMURABI ROAD. That little work has received a lot of positive reviews but this is one of the best one’s yet.

Check it out, would you?


And then give this article a re-blog a read as well. It originally appeared about two years ago on the ACX audiobook blog, but the information is timeless.

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

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As an author, actor, and audiobook producer, Craig Tollifson brings a unique perspective to ACX. His publishing industry background has allowed him to make the most of the time he spends auditioning by putting his effort into the most promising titles. He joins us today to share his tips for picking the best Royalty Share projects.

Craig Tollifson_Headshot ACX Author/Narrator Craig Tollifson (aka Andrew Tell)

The first audiobook I narrated went on sale in early 2015. It sold 11 copies. Since then, I’ve narrated 19 other titles, learned a lot about narrating, and learned even more about choosing good Royalty Share projects. This month I’ll pass 10,000 total sales, and recently averaged over 1,500 sales a month. And those numbers just keep going up. Not bad for a beginner!

I got my start on ACX as…

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