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Halifax Burger Week is a city-wide burger eating celebration and fundraiser for Feed Nova Scotia. A record 125 restaurants have created unique burger specials for the 2018 week-long event. Burgers either have a set price of $6, or a higher price with the restaurant making a donation to Feed Nova Scotia for every burger sold.
Okay – so I just had my FIRST Burger Week Burger at Elle’s Bistro. A Jalapeño Beer Cheeseburger! Stout marinated local organic grass fed beef, fresh jalapeños, Schoolhouse Brewery stout candied bacon, Nine Locks Brewing Company IPA cheese sauce, topped with a beefeater onion ring.
This is NOT a burger for feeble palates. The jalapeño kicks mucho ass, like a rabid mariachi band. Still, for spice-lovers such as myself, this is a great way to start Burger Week. The snow melted around my very footsteps as I walked down the sidewalk, picking cheese out of my beard.
Oh yeah. This burger DEFINITELY deserves a Public Service Announcement. Men with beards DEFINITELY want to ask for an extra napkin.
I give it a solid rating of five flaming sombreros and a holy-freaking-ole! Grab one during Burger Week. The capsaicin in the jalapeño is great for lifting you out of your late-March blues and will also help ease any arthritic aches and pains as well as lowering your cholesterol and doing that cartoon steam-out-of-your-ears trick that only a few of us mortals can successfully accomplish!
Now, I am on a serious budget and I don’t know if I am going to have the opportunity to try a burger EVERYDAY this week – but I sure am going to try!
Elles Bistro Burgerweek Burger
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Steve Vernon