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#HorrorHaikuesday Seeks Sanctuary

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A love poem I love adore and cherish you You are the night To my stalking. The eerie creaks To the attic of my soul You are the moon listening To my howling. You are…

The Snow Did Blow…

Well, back on Groundhog Day our local groundhog predicted an early spring.

Then Monday morning about 4am the snow started bucketing down and continued on until early this morning. We are talking about 80 cm. of snow out there, all drifted up about three feet deep or more in spots.

The house is so quiet right now. The roof is buried and the city buses aren’t running and traffic is at a standstill. I am enjoying the feeling – even though the clean-up is going to be intense. It is a little bit like taking a holiday in the Twilight Zone.

The good news is that the snow should be stopping here in Halifax over the next hour or so. It is nothing but a flurry right now. It isn’t too cold. About three below or so, all day long. I’m getting some breakfast and then will begin the work of cleaning my sidewalk, digging out the car, and then climbing up onto the roof to shovel off the roof before the kitchen begins leaking again. The buses still won’t be running until this afternoon. Thank God our power stayed on.

Breakfast is some leftover braised lamb and a bit of bacon. I’m going to need some protein for the work ahead.

I figure I’m going to be shoveling most of the morning and about half of the afternoon. There is going to be one big old wall of snow pushed up when the plow finally makes it down our street.

Stupid groundhog.


Hey, I’m a rodent, not a meteorologist!

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon