Call for Scary submissions!

Might have to put some thought into this one.

Engen Books

After the colossal success of Sci-Fi from the Rock and the sheer amount of amazing submissions we got for Fantasy from the Rock, Engen Books has decided to continue the From The Rock line with Chillers from the Rock, to be available in Spring 2018 at the 12th annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention.

“The response from fans old and new over the course of this year has been overwhelming,” said Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. “Last year we we able to publish a number of first-time authors alongside established pillars in the Newfoundland science-fiction community like Kenneth Tam and Scott Bartlett, of Iceberg Publishing and Mirth Publishing, respectfully. This year we’ve got some equally stellar talent on board, as the formulae of combining new fiction writers with established fiction writers has worked out to the benefit of both and made for really great, new, dynamic collections that are…

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