All Hallow’s Read (Day 22) A scary book for…

I’ve had a very eventful week – a lot of sorrow and a bit of joy. Some of you folks know about it. Some don’t. I’m heading off to a storytelling gig and I’ll be spending the evening at a swank wilderness lodge as a part of the gig and I am doing my best to just breathe slowly.

For now, let me reblog this short entry from DREADFUL TALES from all the way back in October 22, 2011.

Mr. Peabody hit the Wayback Machine if you please!

Dreadful Tales

…someone who likes Canadian authors.

World at-large, meet one of my all time favorite writers. His name is Steve Vernon and he’s written everything from YA, Weird West, Campfire Tales, and all the way back to Straight Horror. This man is a master storyteller with an amazingly lyrical gait, a phenomenal wealth of knowledge when it comes to honing your craft, the tradition of oral storytelling, and pretty much everything under the sun in regards to horror literature.

Whether you’re looking for zombified buffalo (Long Horn, Big Shaggy), a superhero that may or may not be very “super” at all (Nothing To Losemy personal favorite), time traveling spiders (Plague Monkey Spam), Campfire Stories (Wicked Woods), Sea Monsters (Sinking Deeper), gypsies that save the world (Gypsy Blood), and more – Steven Vernon is your man. Go forth…

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