The Stuff of Legends

I haven’t got a new October Frights post of my own today – but come tomorrow I am going to be offering a FREE e-book! So swing on by tomorrow and for now check out some of this COOL Pennsylvania folklore. I’ve never heard of the Giwoggle until now. I’m thinking it might be fun to have my kelpie meet one of those giwoggles some day soon.

Hawk's Happenings


People often ask about my writing techniques, or where I get my ideas. Like a lot of other authors, I tend to pull ideas from many different sources–my everyday life, my dreams (or nightmares), my own past experiences, and most recently, from local legends and stories.

Both School Spirits and The Witch of Willow Lake are set in a town that was heavily inspired by Lock Haven, PA, where I attended college. School Spirits built on a lot of the campus ghost stories I heard during my time there, and The Witch of Willow Lake continued one of those stories, the tragic tale of Russell (Appleton) Hall Mary.

What I bring to you today is a few articles I found as I did research for these books. A lot of the stories I discovered were both written by and shared with me by Lou Bernard, Lock Haven historian extraordinaire.


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