Antigonish Windfall Market

All right – so let me tell you about the first day of this weekend’s book sale. We got there on Friday and checked into our room and set up the table and went for supper. We ate at the A&W, nothing fancy, but it really was a better burger than any that I had eaten here in Halifax. It was fresh and served up in a nice manner and really didn’t feel like fast food at all. We slept poorly that night. Strange beds and a lot of odd sounds like a ceiling fan that squeaked and a light on the microwave that we hadn’t figured out how to cover up with an old shirt.

So maybe I can blame Saturday morning on a poor sleep.

We got up and walked to the local Macdonalds for hotcakes and sausages. You just can’t beat Mickey D for a fast cheap and filling breakfast. Then we walked across the street to pick up a couple of Subway veggie subs for our dinner at the book table. We didn’t want either of us to have to go far at lunch time to pick up food, so we figured we would stick with Subway.

(I know, this is beginning to sound like a fast food commercial but we were on a tight budget and the motel was the cheapest we could find, so cooking was out of the picture.)

Halfway across the street we realized that while we HAD the cash box with us, we had forgotten the key to the cash box back in the hotel room.

“You go get it,” I told my wife, handing her the cabin key. “I’ll order the sandwiches.”

So I ordered the sandwiches from a Filipino counter clerk with a great sense of humor. I think he and his wife actually owned the Subway. I stepped back outside with the lunch in hand and the war bag with our gear over my shoulder when I realized that I had forgotten my name tag – which served as admittance to the craft show.

So I started down the road heading for the hotel room.

Fortunately, the hotel room wasn’t that far from the University where the craft fair was going on. I saw my wife rounding the corner and I tried to motion her to wait for me and tried to motion that I had forgotten my name tag.

Go ahead. Just try and motion to somebody a few hundred yards down a sidewalk that you have forgotten a name tag. I dare you.

Anyway, I got up to her and explained that I had forgotten my name tag.

“I’ll wait here,” she told me. “I already hot-footed it once today to get the cash box key.”

So I hot-footed down the sidewalk towards the motel and a few hundred yards later I realized that she still had the motel key.

I’m not saying that I was being smooth or well organized that Saturday morning, you understand.

So I waved at her some more and walked back and we both walked back to the motel and decided to take the car at this point, even though we hadn’t wanted to avoid the hassle of trying to find a parking spot. I kept an eye out for the Three Stooges to show up at any moment, because this whole thing was beginning to feel like a comedy routine from somewhere opposite of heaven.

The Saturday went from 10am to 6pm. The biggest crowds were at about midday. The last two hours were terribly slow. By the end of Sunday we wound up roughly breaking even. We did manage to fit in some family visiting time with some of my wife’s kin who lived out that way. We also had a few nice meals and a lot of good conversation – so it was a fine working vacation, although I could have sure used a little bit more hard cash profit. Hopefully Christmas at the Forum, the first week of November, will be a little bit more profitable for my book table.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


One response to “Antigonish Windfall Market

  1. Ow. I’ve had nightmares like that morning. Glad it worked out okay in the end, more or less.


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