#ComedyBookWeek is changing for the better – we need your ideas!

I had a blast taking part in the first Comedy Book Week. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the second.


Whew! How’s everyone feeling after that rollecoaster ride? Due to popular demand, #ComedyBookWeek is coming back sooner than originally planned – in January. It will be even better, but first, how about some stats on this first, inaugural event? This will become the benchmark to track the performance of the next event.

As you may already know, it was exactly 2 months between that first idea and post on KBorads, and the day 2016 #ComedyBookWeek went live on 16 July. So, how did we do, considering that there was no paid advertising for the event this time?

  1. Participating books: 117 and counting. The intake was finally closed during the event and a waiting list created instead of adding new books too late.
  2. Total of 72 book reviews, interviews, and guest posts took place across 28 platforms (blogs and Facebook).
  3. There has been 4,500+ views of the site since it’s launch in…

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