A Kindle Scout Author Campaign – D.L. Osment

Being a Kindle Scout winner myself I really enjoy helping indie authors with their Kindle Scout campaigns. One of the ways that I try and help is by pointing them at the Kboards Kindle Scout thread, which offers plenty of good advice and camaraderie for anyone trying to launch a successful Kindle Scout campaign.

Another way that I try and help is to allow a Kindle Scout author to shout out their campaign on my blog page. So without further ado, let’s hear it from D.L. Osment and her hot erotic romance novel, BECOMING THE WOLF.

D.L. Osment 2


I first  came to the Kindle Scout program after my writing partner’s incredible Kindle Scout success with her remarkable novel of love, loss, and Cherokee lore. My writing partner is the beautiful and talented Kathryn M. Hearst and her book THE SPIRIT TREE is killing on Amazon. (Look, too, for the first book in her “Sinistra Dei” series, EPIPHANY—this woman really knows how to write.)

My own novel, BECOMING THE WOLF, is the first volume in a trilogy that draws upon my experience as a rock and roll journalist as well as my years as a manager at the Playboy Channel. When I locked Volume 1 of “The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy,” we decided I, too, should submit to Kindle Scout. I was accepted and BECOMING THE WOLF has spent a third of its time on the “Hot & Trending” list, including some time at No. 1. Kathryn helped out, too, by creating this dynamite video trailer.

The trailer was created at Animoto.com with free pics from Pixabay, a few we already owned, free music available at the site, and the Inkwell template. Kathryn forced me to do some editing on my own so I can testify that it’s very easy to use. The trailer is a great way to help generate interest in my Kindle Scout campaign.

The trilogy is a sort of a coming-of-age novel, relating the life’s journey of young Peter Dempsey and his journey towards eventual rock superstardom.

My three other novels, DEATH MYTH, SKETCHES IN SPAIN and I, CANNES were all self-published and 5-star rated. I am hopeful that Kindle Scout publication will help to further publicize and help generate improved sales for each of my previous novels.


Please help D.L. Osment out and nominate BECOMING THE WOLF 



yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon



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