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ANDY PELOQUIN – A Book Lover Turned Author


Andy Peloquin asked me to let you folks know about his brand new book launch.

“Great,” I said. “Where do I swing the bottle of champagne?”

“Steve,” Andy said. “It’s a book launch. NOT a boat launch. You swing a bottle of champagne at a book and all you are going to wind up with are a handful of soggy pages.”

“I knew that,” I replied, noting to myself that I really ought to write a book around that title – “A Handful of Soggy Pages”.

Maybe call it a pulp novel.


All right, so enough with the jokes.

Let me tell you about the book first.

The book is called LAMENT OF THE FALLEN. It is Book 2 of THE LAST BUCELARII series.

I know that right now you are thinking to yourself, “Oh hell, now I have to go off and buy Book 1 of the series.”


Andy Peloquin is giving away book #1 right now over at!

Get it. It’s free – but only for the weekend, so grab it right now. Don’t fart around. Don’t read a single syllable more from this blog entry before you hit that link and that grab that free book. Tell Jeff Bezos I sent you.

Let me tell you a bit about LAMENT OF THE FALLEN.

Book Blurb:

The Last Bucelarii (Book 2): Lament of the Fallen

The Hunter of Voramis is no more.

Alone with the bloodthirsty voices in his head, fleeing the pain of loss, he has one objective: travel north to find Her, the mystery woman who plagues his dreams and haunts his memories.

When he stumbles upon a bandit attack, something within urges him to help. His actions set him at odds with the warrior priests commanded to hunt down the Bucelarii.

Left for dead, the Hunter must travel to Malandria to recover his stolen birthright. There, he is inexorably drawn into direct conflict with the Order of Midas, the faceless, nameless group of magicians that holds the city in a grip of terror. All while struggling to silence the ever-louder voice in his mind that drives him to kill.

From feared assassin to wretched outcast, the Hunter’s journey leads him to truths about his forgotten past and the Abiarazi he has pledged to hunt. His discoveries will shed light on who he really is…what he really is.

Fans of Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson, and Brent Weeks will love the Hunter…


Book Info:

Title: The Last Bucelarii (Book 2): Lament of the Fallen

Author: Andy Peloquin

Official Launch Date: August 19th, 2016

Publication Date: July 21, 2016

Paperback Price: 15.99

Digital Price: 3.99

Pages: 340

ISBN: 1535388668

Book 2 Buy Links:

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Paperback:

Amazon Canada:



Book Launch Event:

Join Andy’s Thunderclap:


All right – so will you enjoy these books?

Well, do you like Michael Moorcock? How about Karl Edward Wagner? I’m talking dark, moody, brutal and nasty, hungover with a really bad taste fur-balling in your mouth. Assassins and cursed blades and angst-ridden heroes, whupping ass all over the place. Think Game of Thrones, without scruples or manners.

If you’ve said yes to all of these questions then you REALLY ought to try this series out.


Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon

I dreamed of being Hemingway​,​ but ended up a pulp fiction writer

From author Christopher Farnsworth via The New York Post: The book sat on the shelf of the third-grade classroom. I wasn’t supposed to be there. I was a second-grader, and I’d been herded into the …

Source: I dreamed of being Hemingway​,​ but ended up a pulp fiction writer

August 20th Halifax Forum Indie Author Book Fair

Indie Author Extravaganza

I can’t wait.

Next Saturday morning on August 20th from 9am to 1pm come join a horde of local indie authors as we gather at the Halifax Forum for the first ever Indie Author Book Fair!

Forum Book Fair 2


From 1pm to 3pm there will be panel discussions and from 3pm to 4pm a final wrap-up Meet and Mingle. Best of all there is NO door fee!

Of course, I’ll be there with my King Kong sized book table, celebrating my birthday weekend!

Paracon 2016 3

Hope to see you there.

Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Too Little Or Too Much

It is ALWAYS a juggling match.

Michael Patrick Hicks

A short while ago, maybe a month or two, I publicly shamed myself on Twitter for not having a large enough output this year. In 2015, I had published a novel and appeared in three anthologies, and released one of those stories as a stand-alone title. Halfway through 2016, I was feeling the pinch of having hardly any releases at all this year. So far, I’ve released only one short story, Let Go, and a short story titled “Black Site” was published in CLONES: The Anthology. Although I was busy writing, not much of it was making its way out into the market and it was making me a feel bit depressed. I felt like I either wasn’t doing enough or wasn’t getting stuff done (partially true, but mildly inaccurate), and the weight of it was like a vise around my neck.

The big pro-tip to being a…

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13 Questions with Ray Garton

Here’s a brand new interview with RAY GARTON – one of the funniest and scariest authors I have ever known.

Joan De La Haye

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Today I have the incredible Ray Garton in the interrogation seat. He’s a very brave man.

Ray Garton Author Photo

Ray Garton is the author of the classic vampire bestseller Live Girls, as well as Scissors, Sex and Violence in Hollywood, Ravenous, his new Moffet & Keoph investigation Vortex, and dozens of other novels, tie-ins, and story collections.  He has been writing in the horror and suspense genres for more than 30 years and was the recipient of the Grand Master of Horror Award in 2006.  He lives in northern California with his wife Dawn where he is at work on a new novel.

You can stalk Ray on his website:

  1. What drives you to write?

I’m afraid if I figured out exactly what that is, it would vanish like a phantom.

  1. What attracted you to writing horror?

Nothing attracted me to writing horror, I just found that…

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Book Review: “Kelpie Dreams” by Steve Vernon

Just came home from a last minute shopping excursion picking up supplies for my weekend appearance at the Liverpool Paraconference and I found – not one – but TWO great reviews of KELPIE DREAMS.

This really made my evening.

The Behrg Writes

“‘Some people just never seem to let themselves be happy … It’s like they fight against their own contentment.'”

Well, let me tell you folks, author Steve Vernon is NOT one of these people.
(That quote btw was from an underwater sea hag … interested yet?)

kelpieKelpie Dreams is a mad dash through a fantastical world where nothing is quite what it seems (including our heroine, “Lady MacBeth”). About loss, love, and (mis)adventures, it reminded me of a modern Alice and Wonderland in it’s quizzical and whimsical style.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed out loud this much with a novel. From the quirky dialogue to the unique characters and setting, there’s a lot here to enjoy, and I can only imagine how much fun Vernon had constructing this novel. Yet when you strip back the oddball humor and bizarre encounters, there’s still a story with surprising…

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#ComedyBookWeek is changing for the better – we need your ideas!

I had a blast taking part in the first Comedy Book Week. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the second.


Whew! How’s everyone feeling after that rollecoaster ride? Due to popular demand, #ComedyBookWeek is coming back sooner than originally planned – in January. It will be even better, but first, how about some stats on this first, inaugural event? This will become the benchmark to track the performance of the next event.

As you may already know, it was exactly 2 months between that first idea and post on KBorads, and the day 2016 #ComedyBookWeek went live on 16 July. So, how did we do, considering that there was no paid advertising for the event this time?

  1. Participating books: 117 and counting. The intake was finally closed during the event and a waiting list created instead of adding new books too late.
  2. Total of 72 book reviews, interviews, and guest posts took place across 28 platforms (blogs and Facebook).
  3. There has been 4,500+ views of the site since it’s launch in…

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A Kindle Scout Author Campaign – D.L. Osment

Being a Kindle Scout winner myself I really enjoy helping indie authors with their Kindle Scout campaigns. One of the ways that I try and help is by pointing them at the Kboards Kindle Scout thread, which offers plenty of good advice and camaraderie for anyone trying to launch a successful Kindle Scout campaign.

Another way that I try and help is to allow a Kindle Scout author to shout out their campaign on my blog page. So without further ado, let’s hear it from D.L. Osment and her hot erotic romance novel, BECOMING THE WOLF.

D.L. Osment 2


I first  came to the Kindle Scout program after my writing partner’s incredible Kindle Scout success with her remarkable novel of love, loss, and Cherokee lore. My writing partner is the beautiful and talented Kathryn M. Hearst and her book THE SPIRIT TREE is killing on Amazon. (Look, too, for the first book in her “Sinistra Dei” series, EPIPHANY—this woman really knows how to write.)

My own novel, BECOMING THE WOLF, is the first volume in a trilogy that draws upon my experience as a rock and roll journalist as well as my years as a manager at the Playboy Channel. When I locked Volume 1 of “The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy,” we decided I, too, should submit to Kindle Scout. I was accepted and BECOMING THE WOLF has spent a third of its time on the “Hot & Trending” list, including some time at No. 1. Kathryn helped out, too, by creating this dynamite video trailer.

The trailer was created at with free pics from Pixabay, a few we already owned, free music available at the site, and the Inkwell template. Kathryn forced me to do some editing on my own so I can testify that it’s very easy to use. The trailer is a great way to help generate interest in my Kindle Scout campaign.

The trilogy is a sort of a coming-of-age novel, relating the life’s journey of young Peter Dempsey and his journey towards eventual rock superstardom.

My three other novels, DEATH MYTH, SKETCHES IN SPAIN and I, CANNES were all self-published and 5-star rated. I am hopeful that Kindle Scout publication will help to further publicize and help generate improved sales for each of my previous novels.


Please help D.L. Osment out and nominate BECOMING THE WOLF 



yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon