How To Give Away Free Books on BookFunnel

The cool thing about being an indie author is that there is so danged much stuff to learn. Everyday somebody is coming up with some new program, some new mechanism that you REALLY want to know about.

Let’s talk about BookFunnel.

This is a company that helps you set up a link from which you can give away review copies and free copies or even sell your own copies – in nearly ANY format that your reader is asking you for.

That’s valuable.

That’s something I need to learn a bit more about.

However, right now I am ALL about the writing. I need to get a few more books out there. I need to follow up on the single sales and build at least two three-book series over the next year or so. I have been farting around WAY too long. I also need to get another book out here locally, which is what I am concentrating on right now.

So this is just a reminder to myself – because I truly DO want to look into this – but this is not that day.


So for you folks who intrigued about BookFunnel – the system that I am talking about – why don’t you take a look here?

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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