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Day 6 of #ComedyBookWeek highlights

And here is what is going today on the internet as part of COMEDY BOOK WEEK!

Check it out, would you?


How do I love thee, #ComedyBookWeek? Let me count the ways…

First off, you’ve brought together authors and book bloggers. There’s so much love on webpages all over the Internet, so many people discovering new authors or even genres, that alone makes the event worth it.

Furthermore, you are giving those authors and bloggers much-needed exposure. Forget about being too rich or too thin – you can never have too much publicity.

And finally, you’ve proven that laughter can be found in most unexpected places…birthday parties, graveyards, corporate offices, and even divorce court.

Wait, did I just say “divorce court?” Yep, that’s right –  Jam (Leaves et Livres) review of Can You stiff Your Divorce Lawyer by Portia Porter will prove just that.

Can You stiff Your Divorce Lawyer is a mix of cautionary tales, inside information, and elaborate tongue-in-cheek instructions, that exposes the achilles heel of the legal profession: if…

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In my last blog entry I interviewed MATTHEW DRZYMALA, who returned the favor and interviewed me – all in the name of #COMEDY BOOK WEEK!

Hi, Steve, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed as part of #ComedyBookWeek. My pleasure, Matthew. This whole thing sounds like a whole lot of fun. So, why don’t we start the grilling by telling…

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