So These Two Writers Walk Into A Bar…


So these two writers walk into a bar.

“Hold it,” the first writer says. “I need to think about this.”

“What’s to think about?” the second writer asked.

“Well,” the first writer said. “Maybe I don’t want to walk into this bar. Maybe I want to walk into the bar down the street, or the bar across town, or maybe I am going to join AA and give up walking into bars completely.”

“You’ve got a point,” the second writer agreed. “We really ought not to be hasty in our action.”

Just then this moose walked up to the first writer and said to him, “Don’t just stand here thinking about things. Pick up the pace, would you? Get into that bar, get your butt upon that chair and get that first draft down you.”

Which is exactly what the first writer did.

“Who was that moose, anyway?” the second writer asked the first writer as the two of them sat there and finished their first drafts.

“You’re spelling moose wrong,” the first writer said. “It’s got a U in it, not two O’s!”

You can read that twice if you need to. It’s a slow ball.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


3 responses to “So These Two Writers Walk Into A Bar…

  1. Ahh, a Scottish moose!


  2. great story –


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