Daily Archives: May 22, 2016

Why Kindle Scout Works!

All right – so let me give you folks a peek at what the promotional powers of Kindle Scout can do for you as a writer.

This is for all of you folks out there who keep telling me that I made a mistake by signing up with Kindle Scout. This is for all of you folks out there who moan about engaging in a 30 day popularity contest and how I am going to be spending the next six years just trying pay off that $1500.00 advance that Kindle Scout gave me.

I love Sundays.
Last Sunday KELPIE DREAMS made the climb from an Amazon.com rating of 20,606 up to 6732 in a single day. That’s about 22 copies sold in a stretch of 24 hours.
Then, over the week it began to slip.
Okay, I thought to myself. This was bound to happen. Be brave. Maybe it won’t slip a whole lot.
I went to work this morning and it was ranked at 16,946.
I came home tonight and the books Amazon.com ranking had leaped up to 4481 – which is about 43 copies sold today. By rough monkey math I paid off about 7-8% of my advance in a single day.
So yup, I love Sundays!
yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon