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High Diving Writing


Wish me luck. I just submitted my publisher-ready draft to Kindle Press.

If all goes well the good folks who nominated my Kindle Scout Campaign should be receiving their review copies in the next week or two and the book should go live in the first week of May. Hopefully they will be pleased enough with my work to leave a big fat glowing Amazon review.

At least that was the plan.

I remember the first time I jumped off of a diving board. I was taking lessons as an adult, never having to learned to swim. The only problem was, I kept reaching my feet down and touching bottom.

“Maybe you ought to try the deep end of the pool,” my swim instructor suggested. “Try going off the diving board.”

Well, it turned out he was pointing at the low diving board but I climbed on up to the very top of the high diving board – thirty five feet up in the air and jumped off. I remember standing there for about a year or so before I finally worked up the nerve and then I just stepped off of the diving board, plummeted down thirty-five feet and made a resounding splash. Came up kicking and grinning and aching all over. Then I ran up and jumped off again.

Sometimes that is all that a fellow has got to work – just screwing his courage to the sticking point and taking a leap.


Fearless Freep

Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Are you making these mistakes with your Amazon book description?

Is your Amazon book description working hard enough to sell your book? Here are 3 common mistakes and tips for fixing them.

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Greek meze: Fried cauliflower

Okay – so these look pretty tasty!

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Today I’m starting a new series of recipes titled ‘Greek meze’, and it’s a selection of Greek appetizers. Meze is traditionally enjoyed with a glass of ouzo in Greece, but don’t let that put you off if you don’t stock up on ouzo in your part of the world. The delicacies I’ll be sharing also work well as side dishes with your favorite meals, such as meat roasts, omelettes, or vegetable casseroles.

I chose for today one of my Gran Antigoni’s recipes. Like all Greek Orthodox housewives, Granny never threw away leftover food, including cauliflower florets. The next day, she’d always fry them for ouzo time with Granddad. For those unfamiliar with my writing, I’ll explain here that I’m referring to my Gran Antigoni from Moraitika Corfu who, along with my Granddad Spyros, have been the inspiration behind my partly autobiographical book, The Ebb, set in Moraitika in the 80s.

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But You Get What You Need – Another Adventure With Kindle Scout

As I look over the landscape of the publishing world we live in, I can’t but be excited. Seriously, there are so many options for writers these days. Sure, most of them might not lead to a lu…

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Roger Corman: King of The B-Movies

I have ALWAYS had a deep-rooted respect and admiration for the “gee whiz gang, let’s make a movie” mentality that lurks behind Roger Corman’s movies.


Well, X-THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES was absolutely chilling.

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS truly rocked as well.

DEATH RACE 2000 was absolutely mind-blowing. It felt as if the script-writer was drunk on honey wine and moonbeams.

And I can still see Morgan Woodward as Cayman in BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS saying “Let us butt heads!”

So – what is YOUR favorite Corman movie?


Author’s note: On April 5th, 2016 Roger Corman will turn 90. In celebration of this, I proudly present…

Roger Corman:
The King of Low-Budget Movies
By Michael McCarty

Roger Corman started working in Hollywood in 1954 and has written, directed and produced and acted in hundreds of films.
Famous actors and directors who have worked for Corman include Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, William Shatner, Bruce Dern and these Academy Award winners: Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Peter Bogdanovich, Jonathan Demme, Jack Nicholson, James Cameron, and Robert DeNiro.


(Roger Corman)

Sue Leabhart of Davenport, Iowa says about Corman: “He’s the creative genius behind so many classic scifi/horror films. He brought us Teenage Caveman with a young Robert Vaughn, The Little Shop of Horrors with Jack Nicholson, and Death Race 2000 with David Carradine. These and many more of his films have attained cult status among science-fiction fans. His autobiography…

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Why every author should submit to Kindle Scout…

And here’s another look at Kindle Scout.

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Recently I began my first Kindle Scout campaign. The book is a paranormal romance (with a twist even the Grim Reaper wouldn’t see coming) called “Suicide Station” and, so far, it’s doing quite well in the program. If you’ve never heard of Kindle Scout, sit back and let me explain. If you’re on the fence as to whether or not you want to submit, sit back and let me tell you why it’s in your best interest to give in and offer up your latest work.

What is Kindle Scout?

Amazon changed the publishing narrative a few years ago, when they introduced the Kindle. Their offering was the first truly viable eReader that not only resuscitated the dying technology, it made it a resounding success. Readers could enjoy their entire library on the go and writers now had the opportunity they wouldn’t have had otherwise. This was a…

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All right – so we’re having a HUGE weekend giveaway with free scifi and fantasy and horror e-books from over 90 authors – including my full length gypsy/vampire/mariachi novel GYPSY BLOOD.

April Patty Promo
yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon

April Fool’s Free Kindle Book Giveaway

NO – this is no April Fool’s trick.

Grab yourself a copy of my full length novel GYPSY BLOOD today in Kindle format.


“Gypsy Blood is for fans of dark fantasy who think they’ve seen it all. Where else are you going to find a novel that opens with life and death battle with a succubus, rolls into a vampire’s palm reading session, which segues into a bathtub summoning ceremony and climaxes with a non-stop showdown between a blood demon, a city incarnate, and a mercenary band of mariachi armed with a homemade propane-powered kamikaze rickshaw and assorted armaments?” – Hellnotes

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon