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High Diving Writing


Wish me luck. I just submitted my publisher-ready draft to Kindle Press.

If all goes well the good folks who nominated my Kindle Scout Campaign should be receiving their review copies in the next week or two and the book should go live in the first week of May. Hopefully they will be pleased enough with my work to leave a big fat glowing Amazon review.

At least that was the plan.

I remember the first time I jumped off of a diving board. I was taking lessons as an adult, never having to learned to swim. The only problem was, I kept reaching my feet down and touching bottom.

“Maybe you ought to try the deep end of the pool,” my swim instructor suggested. “Try going off the diving board.”

Well, it turned out he was pointing at the low diving board but I climbed on up to the very top of the high diving board – thirty five feet up in the air and jumped off. I remember standing there for about a year or so before I finally worked up the nerve and then I just stepped off of the diving board, plummeted down thirty-five feet and made a resounding splash. Came up kicking and grinning and aching all over. Then I ran up and jumped off again.

Sometimes that is all that a fellow has got to work – just screwing his courage to the sticking point and taking a leap.


Fearless Freep

Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon