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Greek meze: Fried cauliflower

Okay – so these look pretty tasty!

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Today I’m starting a new series of recipes titled ‘Greek meze’, and it’s a selection of Greek appetizers. Meze is traditionally enjoyed with a glass of ouzo in Greece, but don’t let that put you off if you don’t stock up on ouzo in your part of the world. The delicacies I’ll be sharing also work well as side dishes with your favorite meals, such as meat roasts, omelettes, or vegetable casseroles.

I chose for today one of my Gran Antigoni’s recipes. Like all Greek Orthodox housewives, Granny never threw away leftover food, including cauliflower florets. The next day, she’d always fry them for ouzo time with Granddad. For those unfamiliar with my writing, I’ll explain here that I’m referring to my Gran Antigoni from Moraitika Corfu who, along with my Granddad Spyros, have been the inspiration behind my partly autobiographical book, The Ebb, set in Moraitika in the 80s.

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