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Amazon Sales Rank: Taming the Algorithm

Confused by Amazon’s sales rank algorithm? John Doppler takes the mystery out of this frequently misunderstood feature.

Source: Amazon Sales Rank: Taming the Algorithm

Duct Tape Can Fix Anything

All right – new book or not, I still have to go to work at the day job. I spent most of the morning farting around on lining up some future e-book promotions – although I did make one awesome accomplishment.
There has been a pair of gigantic sneakers, maybe about size thirteen or so, hanging on the telephone line outside our house. I am not talking about ordinary sneakers, you understand. These were so damn gaudy they could have passed for clown shoes.
They’ve been up there for over three months. My wife keeps looking at them and getting bummed out and depressed. I just thought they were funny but she was upset and by god I was going to save the day.
I grabbed me a two by four and duct taped a one by three to the end of it and reached it up, teetering and threatening to electrocute myself at any point in time, and I managed to push the end of that one by three up under the sole of one of those gynormous clown shoes and I give just enough of a lift to flip it over the wire.
I left the shoes draped over the garbage that are waiting to be hauled out to the curb tonight for garbage day tomorrow, right where she’ll see it walking in from work tonight. I phoned her up at work and I told her “Whatever you do tonight, remember that duct tape can fix any problem.”
Then I laid the two by four with the duct taped one by three right where she would see it as well. Remember – no matter what sort of problem you are facing – whether it is dangling clown shoes or a seriously damaged psychic wound or that fellow on the bus who just won’t stop talking – always remember, duct tape can fix anything.
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Steve Vernon

Kelpie Dreams – the first review!

Read all about right here.

I’m grinning so hard I think I might have chipped a tooth!

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Steve Vernon


KELPIE DREAMS – Now Available For Kindle Preorder

I got home from work last night only to find a few tweets, e-mails and a couple of Facebook messages letting me know that my Kindle Scout winning novel, KELPIE DREAMS, was now available for preorder on Kindle.

I can’t tell you just how happy and excited this one makes me feel. It has been a while since I have broken such new ground as this and I am just a little flushed with excitement over the whole notion.

Folks who have been following this blog know that I have already kept a thirty day diary of my Kindle Scout Campaign – from Day 1 to Day 30 which you can read about right here!

I do intend to write a big old blog talking about my experiences between my acceptance and the release of KELPIE DREAMS – but it is not this day!

Today I have got some writing to do. I am about a week or two away from completing a manuscript for my regional publisher – one that will hopefully hit a lot of bookstores here in Nova Scotia.

Then I have already begun roughing out a Kelpie novella to follow up on KELPIE DREAMS.

I want to thank everyone here who nominated KELPIE DREAMS for Kindle Scout and I hope that you enjoy reading that novel – because, for nominating my book you have probably already received your free copy. I have already heard from one of my readers who has read and enjoyed the novel and will release her review in her blog, at Amazon and at Goodreads shortly before the book goes live.

The book will go live on May 10, 2016.

I am so darned pleased and excited.

I would be intensely grateful to anyone who sees fit to preorder KELPIE DREAMS.


That link above is for

My UK readers can preorder it through this link.

My Canadian readers can preorder it through THIS link.

And, lastly – if you happen to be a subscribing member of Kindle Unlimited you can grab this book for free.

I want to thank you folks one more time. I wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for your support.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


My Crazy Experience with the Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal, March 8-13, 2016

I have got several Kindle Countdowns lined up for May and I am doing a little bit of research to get an idea on the best way to promote them without spending any sort of money.

I’m cheap.

And broke.

That’s a bad combination.


Grace Risata: Indie Author and Fountain of Useless Knowledge

Hello. As you may or may not be aware, I am an independent author who just published her first book with Amazon.  I am enrolled in the KDP Select program which means I get 7 days every 90 day period to discount my book and still get the same royalty rate of 70%.  I am a good researcher by nature, so I browsed countless message boards and forums to make sure I maximized this deal as much as possible.  Here are my results for any authors who have done this in the past and want to compare stories, or for any new author about to embark on this adventure.

2 Weeks before the deal:  I googled around to find the best bargain ebook sites to promote the deal and sent them emails. These are all places that are FREE to promote your book.  I also booked a deal on Fiverr. …

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How having fun on FB can make an impact on your marketing

So today I have a message from another author in my personal FB inbox — you know, that weird secondary box they give us where people who are not our friends can message us. (FB calls it messa…

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Author Interview – James Morris

Originally posted on Rachelle Paige Campbell:
  Welcome fellow Kindle Press author, James Morris. James Morris is a former television writer who now works in digital media. When not writing, you can find him scoping out the latest sushi spot,…

Interview with author Erik Therme

I love hearing from different authors about their writing process and road to publication. I find it reassuring that we all have different stories; there is no singular “right” way to d…

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When in Doubt Write What You Love…

…which is why I always keep coming back to writing horror.

Chuck Wendig says it best in his latest blog entry.

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Steve Vernon

Why Writing is Like Commuting

It should come to no surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I feel writing is a pain in the neck. It’s hard. It’s slow. If it’s good, it requires you to lay yourself out…

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